Watch A Montage Of Music Greats We Lost In 2012

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RIP Adam Yauch, Whitney Houston, Levon Helm, and others we lost in 2012.

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The 10 Best Musical Moments On TV In 2012

By | 20 Comments

A collection of the best musical moments from TV shows in 2012, including "Parks and Recreation," "Breaking Bad," and "Bob's Burgers."

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The 10 Best TV Shows To ‘Hate Watch’ From 2012

By | 87 Comments

A list of TV shows and people from 2012 we had the most fun hate watching in 2012.


The Most-Played Karaoke Song Of 2012 Surprisingly Isn’t By Journey

By | 14 Comments

A list of the most-played karaoke songs of 2012, shockingly topped by someone who isn't a member of Journey or Bon Jovi.


The 10 Funniest Television Episodes Of 2012

By | 91 Comments

A list of the funniest episodes of TV from 2012, including episodes of "Community," "Archer," "Louie," "Bob's Burgers," and more.


There’s A Good Chance You Had An Internet Crush On One Of These People In 2012

By | 60 Comments

A collection of the Internet celebrities we all had crushes on in 2012, including Olivia Wilde, Kate Upton, and Alison Brie.

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Behold, The Most Quotable TV Characters Of 2012

By | 47 Comments

A collection of GIFs and images of the finest quotable characters from TV shows in 2012


UPROXX’s 10 Best Albums Of 2012

By | 56 Comments

A ranking of the 10 best albums of 2012, including Frank Ocean and Fiona Apple.

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8 Famous Bands You Didn’t Realize Released (Terrible) Albums In 2012

By | 10 Comments

A collection of famous bands that released a new album in 2012, to little or no fanfare.


60 Images From 2012 We Want Saved In A Time Machine

By | 16 Comments

A collection of 60 of the best images from 2012.


The 10 Most Important Dogs To Appear On TV In 2012

By | 21 Comments

A list of 2012's most important and best dogs to appear on TV.


Grumpy Cats, Lawyer Dogs, And More: The 20 Best Memes Of 2012

By | 9 Comments

A collection of 2012's best memes, from "Grumpy Cat" to "Inappropriate Timing Bill Clinton."


What’s The Frontrunner For The Best ‘Best Album Of 2012’?

By | 14 Comments

The three albums that appear on top of the most best-of 2012 music lists.


The Most Popular Woman On The Internet In 2012 Is Somehow Not Kate Upton

By | 9 Comments

A list of the most searched-for women on the Internet in 2012, with a surprising #1.

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The Will Arnett/Amy Poehler Memorial 12 Best Celebrity Couples Of 2012

By | 7 Comments

The eight UPROXX-approved couples of 2012, including Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, and more.


Never Forget Fat Betty: 20 TV GIFs That Defined 2012

By | 31 Comments

A collection of the best TV GIFs of 2012, including selections from "Community," "Game of Thrones," "Breaking Bad," and many more.

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