LeBron James Adds To His Olympic Highlight Reel, USA Defeats France

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Unless NBC Sports is a part of your cable package, you didn't get to watch Team USA cakewalk around France.


Morning Links: Remind Me To Never Have Parents Or Do Gymnastics


US gymnast Aly Raisman qualified for the Womens All-Around final.


Somebody Get This Guy A Film Trilogy, Stat

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One of the early stories of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London has been <a href="" target="_blank">North Korea's refusal to participate until England stops calling them South Koreans</a>.


Kurt Angle Won That Fencing Match With A Broken Freakin Neck

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Funny Or Die has done a lot of things to warm my heart -- <a href="" target="_blank">pissing off Tom Brady</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">making Kris Humphries call himself a douchebag</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">threatening to kill Blake Griffin with a miniature puppet version of himself</a> -- but none have made me quite as happy as watching 1996 Olympic gold medalist and pro wrestler Kurt Angle trying to get back into the 2012 games.

taiwanese animation

Exclusive: A Sneak Peek At The 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony


Highlight: Yoko Ono appearing out of nowhere and killing three Beatles at once with a machete attack.


NBC Missed The Memo On Junior Seau

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NBC has gone to great lengths to put together <a href="">an informative country-by-country breakdown</a> of the 2012 Summer Olympics, with each nation’s athletic history being profiled on the network’s Olympics website.


North Korean Athletes Won’t Be Disrespected

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Despite being a nation still celebrating the all-natural and not-at-all-staged <a href="">marriage of Kim Jung-Un to former singer Ri Sol Ju</a>, who clearly loves him for his looks and personality, all was not well yesterday for the people of North Korea.


This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise – 2012 Summer Olympics Edition

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Earlier this week, I scoured the Internet to put together my official 2012 Summer Olympics Team USA viewing gear so I could properly cheer on my nation’s best athletes from the comfort of my favorite bars.

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Turns Out Grindr Didn’t Crash Because Of The Olympics Gaypocalypse

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The fun of any Olympics is political subplots, as politicians, special interest groups, and various mouth-breathing hate mongers can use the global focus of this gathering of the world’s greatest athletes as a chance to draw attention to themselves.


Team USA Coasts To Victory Over Spain In Final Tune-Up Game

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After surprising a whopping zero people worldwide, Team USA went undefeated in their "pickup games" in preparation for the real games in London.


Of Course Mickey Rourke Said He Beat Usain Bolt In A Drunken Street Race

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I may not know much about the celebrity game, but I do know that if Mickey Rourke wants to tell you a crazy story, you take that phone call every damn time.


Patriot Games: Team USA Sneaker Showcase

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When the Olympics arrive every four years, footwear fans are promised at least one thing without fail: the illest patriotic footwear being on display by the world's best ballers during the summer of basketball.


Breaking Down The Money Of The 2012 Olympics

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According to various sources, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is worth as much as $70 million and made approximately $26 million over the past year, between his NBA contract and 11 or so endorsement deals.


Olympic Athletes Are Training Hard, And By Training We Mean Banging Everyone In Sight

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With the 2012 Summer Olympics a week away, we’re incredibly thankful to have something so important to take our minds off of the St.


Kobe Bryant Vs. Kyrie Irving In 2013?

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After a recent Team USA Basketball training session, Kyrie Irving challenged Kobe Bryant to a game of one-on-one for a $50K donation to charity and the conversation was an interesting one.


Sacre Bleu! Guess Which Cable News Network Freaked Out About USA's Olympic Berets

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There are plenty of things wrong with the world to be freaking out over right now, but I suppose that if you’re a big Summer Olympics fan who loathes hats, you could make a case for being most upset about the new Ralph Lauren U.


Just What The Olympics Needs – Quidditch

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For those who haven’t heard, quidditch is an imaginary sport that was created by author J.


Watch: Blake Griffin & Kyrie Irving Shine At Team USA Practice Sessions

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In anticipation of what's sure to be a deep run in the Olympics by Team USA Basketball, the fine folks over at <a href="">Hoopmixtape</a> have released a bite-sized highlight real from recent the scrimmages in Las Vegas.

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