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Miley Cyrus’ Homeless VMAs Date Jesse Helt Has Been Sentenced To Six Months In Jail

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Jesse Helt, the 'homeless' man Miley Cyrus brought to the VMAs has gotten six months in jail for parole violation.


This Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Beyonce’s MTV VMA Performance Proves She’s Human

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The story behind the performance. And OMG Blue Ivy spoke a complete sentence!

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Miley Cyrus Actually Raised A Sh*t Ton Of Money With Her VMA Charity Stunt

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Well, on the plus side of Miley Cyrus' homeless not homeless scandal, at least she raised a whole bunch of money.

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That Homeless Guy Who Accepted Miley Cyrus’ VMA Is Wanted By Oregon Police

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Miley Cyrus is probably regretting letting that homeless guy come up on stage with her at the VMAs right about now.

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That Homeless Guy Who Accepted Miley Cyrus’ VMA Isn’t Technically Homeless After All

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Was an aspiring male model the best person to stand up at the VMAs on behalf of homeless youth? You be the judge.

2014 MTV VMAs

British Photographer Amanda De Cadenet Took A Bunch Of Classy Backstage MTV VMA Portraits

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Here's a bunch of backstage portraits from the VMAs and no one even showed their butts or boobs or lit up a joint. Success!

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The Unspoken Beef Between Nicki Minaj And Iggy Azalea Is Now Over

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BET rips people apart, MTV brings them all together.

2014 MTV VMAs

Beyonce’s VMA Performance Led To This Remarkably Awkward Paralysis Meme From Eric LeGrand

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Eric LeGrand joked about his paralysis in this really weird, kind of amusing meme.


Here’s A GIF Of Little Blue Ivy Adorably Jamming To Her Mom’s Music At The VMAs


Little Blue Ivy with some serious dance moves during Beyonce's performance.

2014 MTV Music Video Awards

Who Is Performing At The 2014 MTV VMAs Tonight?


Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Iggy Azalea are all performing at tonight's 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

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