2014 oscars

Ellen Surprised The Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy With His Favorite Actress, Julia Roberts

By | 14 Comments

The pizza guy who supplied a snack for all the A-listers at the Oscars stopped by Ellen's show to meet his favorite actress.

2014 oscars

Jennifer Lawrence Wanted Someone To 'Drop A Boob' During Ellen's Oscars Selfie

By | 23 Comments

Jennifer Lawrence nearly dropped a boob. Imagine how many retweets THAT would have gotten.


A Los Angeles Newspaper Celebrated ’12 Years A Slave’s Oscar Win With The Worst Headline Imaginable

By | 13 Comments

Well, we almost made it through awards season without a publication running a tacky '12 Years a Slave' headline.

2014 academy awards

And The Award For The Most Clutch Oscars Party Cosplay Goes To…


If you've never been to an Oscar costume party, consider yourself lucky to not be feeling jealous while gazing at this most superior cosplay.

2014 oscars

The Internet Reacts To #PoorLeo DiCaprio Being The Oscars' Bridesmaid But Never The Bride

By | 20 Comments

Leonardo DiCaprio: always the bridesmaid at the Oscars, never the bride.

2014 oscars

Cate Blanchett Dropped An Emphatic F-Bomb During Her Post-Oscars Press Conference


Cate Blanchett went full Australian, and the whole thing aired live on CNN.

2014 oscars

Donald Trump Hated The Oscars More Than Everyone Else Combined

By | 25 Comments

Donald Trump was in full-on troll mode during the Academy Awards.

2014 oscars

Alright, Alright, Alright: Here's Matthew McConaughey's Amazing Oscar Acceptance Speech

By | 57 Comments

Matthew McConaughey was at his most McConaughey-est while accepting his Oscar for Best Actor.

2014 oscars

Bill Murray Dropped A Well-Timed Tribute To Harold Ramis At The Oscars

By | 27 Comments

Leave it to Bill Murray to make the perfect Harold Ramis tribute.

2014 oscars

Watch The Only Oscars Monologue To Reference Jonah Hill's Penis


In which Ellen's Oscars monologue references Jonah Hill's manhood.


Lupita Nyong’o Vs. Jennifer Lawrence Is The Dumbest Non-Rivalry Of The 2014 Oscars

By | 4 Comments

Just let Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence be awesome, k? Thanks.

2014 oscars

Backstage At The Oscars: Here's How Your Death Montage Sausage Gets Made


Have you ever wondered how the Oscars' death montage takes shape? UPROXX Video takes you backstage to find out!

2014 oscars

10 Oscar-Nominated Films You Can Watch At Home For Under $10


Still haven't seen "Gravity" and want to before the Oscars? Here's how you can.

2014 oscars

An Academy Member Didn't Vote For Amy Adams Because Of Her Distracting Breasts

By | 15 Comments

Amy Adams might win an Oscar, if she didn't have such GROSS boobs.


The 2014 Oscars Swag Bag Includes A Gift Certificate For Vaginal Rejuvenation, Among Other Things

By | 22 Comments

This year's Oscar swag bag features everything from His and Her pepper spray guns to a face to face meeting with Boyz II Men.

2014 oscars

The World’s Most Talented Barista Is Drawing This Year’s Best Picture Nominees In Coffee

By | 13 Comments

Coffee artist Mike Breach is "painting" this year's Best Picture Oscar nominees in lattes. This must take a latte practice!

2014 oscars

The Micro Machines Man Is Back, And He’s Here To (Very Quickly) Summarize This Year’s Oscar Nominees

By | 5 Comments

Jimmy Fallon welcomed John Moschitta Jr. to The Tonight Show to quickly summarize this year's Best Picture nominees.

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