Director Chris Miller Says The ‘Jump Street’/’Men In Black’ Crossover Is An Idea That ‘Makes You Think’

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In a new interview, Chris Miller has offered some more words on the Jump Street/Men in Black crossover idea.


Strap On Your Togas And Get Crazy With This Party Movie Supercut

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From 'PCU' to 'Project X,' this movie party scene supercut makes us feel like we're at Hollywood's biggest raging kegger.

Men In Black

A ‘Men In Black’ And ’21 Jump Street’ Crossover

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Apparently '23 Jump Street' will be with aliens instead of in medical school.

#Bill Murray

Did You See These Surprising Movie Cameos Coming?

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Count down 15 of the most surprising celebrity movie cameos, including that one in 'Interstellar.' Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

23 jump street

Channing Tatum Doesn’t Sound Very Excited About ’23 Jump Street’

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After Sony announced that '23 Jump Street' is going to happen, Channing Tatum sounds like he's ready to hang up his badge and gun.

channging tatum

Allow Channing Tatum To School You On The ‘Dick Graze’ For ’22 Jump Street’

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That’s right, it’s C-Tates rapping about how guys should say hi to each other now by brushing their hands across crotches.

23 jump street

Sony Pictures Is Making ’23 Jump Street’ Because Money, Money, Money!

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Sony Pictures has given the green light for '23 Jump Street,' with or without Phil Lord and Chris Miller directing.


Wouldn’t ’21 Jump Street’ The Movie Be Way Better With The Old TV Intro?

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Our favorite YouTube mash-up artist is back with a video that asks, What if the '21 Jump Street' movies used the TV show's theme song?


Spoiler Alert: ’22 Jump Street’ Will Feature Two Huge Cameos From The TV Series

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At least two big cameos have already been filmed for '22 Jump Street,' as the sequel to the successful comedy once again tapped actors from the show.


Here’s The Official Synopsis For ’22 Jump Street’

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The official plot synopsis for '22 Jump Street' sounds a lot like the first film, but it will still probably be hilarious.


Richard Grieco Would Like To Sell You A Bottle He Painted For $1800

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Remember Richard Grieco? Of course you do! Well, he's an artist now and he's got some art he'd like to sell you.


Kurt Russell’s Son, Wyatt, Is Joining The Cast Of 22 Jump Street

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Lost in all the comic book movie news at Comic Con 2013 was the revelation that the sequel to Channing Tatum’s comedy hit, 21 Jump Street, is not only still happening (and on pace for a June 13, 2014 release) but it will be called 22 Jump Street, because as co-director Phil Lord explained, the undercover operation “moves across the street.


Is '21 Jump Street' Actually Getting A Sequel?

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I meant to hit this little tidbit of “news” yesterday, but I was too busy opening my own custom furniture shop in Tampa, thanks to the inspiration that Magic Mike provided me.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: A Thousand Words About The Artist We Call C-Tates

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With choices ranging from The Artist to Bikini Spring Break, there's plenty to discuss about this week's new DVDs.


The Original Johnny Depp Knock-Off Lands on 'Dexter'

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To be fair, Jason Gedrick's Iron Eagle movies actually predate the success of Depp's "21 Jump Street," but the early 90s were a dark period for Gedrick, who basically lost his career to Johnny Depp the same way Josh Malina lost his to Nick Kroll.

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