The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – “Murder Game”

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<a href=""> Aye here's a couple reasons why dissin' Tip ain't the thing to do 1. I ain't as lame as you 2. I done slung more cane than you 3. I'm more of a G than all the niggas who hang wit you 4. When I show up your hoe act like she never came with you... Like clockwork, every few months or so 25 To Life will find a way to sneak its way into my vicinity. "Murder Game" helped end the album on a strong note, including an unheralded (in terms of his entire catalog), yet sharp verse from <a href="">T.I.</a> T.

Young Dro

Smokin’ Dro Week 10 – “Still I Luv Her”

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<a href=""> Hopefully by now you've grown appreciate the descriptive wizardy of <a href="">Young Dro</a>.


MacBoney – Mac Hussein Mixtape

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I'm not sure how many reflect this sentiment, but P$C's <a href="">25 To Life</a> album was pretty damn good in my eyes.


“A King Of One’s Self…”

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As much as artists (and fans) may not want to admit, comparisons are one of the most prevalent pillars in Hip-Hop.


“Put Some Soul In It…”

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If you don't respect Cee-Lo Green's musical talents, or shall I say '<a href="">perfect imperfections</a>', there's a slim chance I may lose respect for you musically.

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