16 NBA Players Reveal What’s Currently Playing In Their Headphones


I once asked Steve Nash if anyone in the NBA didn't listen to rap.


George Karl’s Favorite Rapper Is Gucci Mane


He was last season's Coach of the Year, but George Karl didn't get much of a chance to revel in his win as he was let go by the Nuggets in the offseason.


Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, And 2Pac Are Alive! (In This Insane Beer Commercial)

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Something tells Kurt Cobain wouldn't approve of his likeness being used by a beer company.


15 NBA Players Who Remind Us Of Rappers

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If there's any genre of music that relates directly to the sport of basketball, it's hip-hop.


2Pac And James Brown Together Again, For The ‘Django Unchained’ Soundtrack


"Unchained, a mashup of 2Pac and James Brown, is, well, off some sort of chain.


Amazing “2Paq” Tee By UNDRCRWN


If you're like us at Dime, our lives center around hoops and music.


Predicting The Next 10 First Ballot Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers

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If Radiohead and Nirvana don't make it during their first year of eligibility, there's going to be Hell to pay.


Required Hip-Hop For The Top 30 Players In The 2012 NBA Draft


With the NBA Draft Lottery taking place, everyone has a better idea where likely draftees will land come June 28, 2012.


Clip Of The Day: Tupac Is Back


After all the rumors, speculation and Makaveli theories, Tupac Shakur is back.

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Rep Yo’ City: 40 Hip-Hop Hometown Anthems

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Everybody’s from somewhere and rappers, more than artists in any other genre, always seem to be the first to big up their cities on wax.


RIAA-Ruined Rap: The 20 Worst Platinum Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time

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We all know the saying, "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't.

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3 Pregame Songs That Get Matt Barnes Hyped To Play In The NBA

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Considering Matt Barnes is born and raised West Coast to the bone, it didn't surprise me at all when he name-dropped three 2Pac tracks when NPR Music asked him recently what songs were absolutes must-haves in his pregame rotation.


RareInk Keeps Your Living Room Gangsta, Unveils Limited Edition 2Pac & Biggie Prints

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The last time we brought up charitable art-house RareInk, the LA-based company had partnered with Ice Cube for an impressive, limited-edition run of autographed prints from the Friday star.

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