Looking Back On J.D. Lutz, The Perpetual Loser Of ‘30 Rock’

By | 8 Comments

Lutz was the '30 Rock' character everyone loved to hate.

#Parks And Recreation

With ‘Parks and Recreation’ Over, Is The Network Primetime Comedy Dead?

By | 68 Comments

Now that "Parks and Recreation" ended its seven season run, is the primetime network comedy dead?

#Parks And Recreation

These Fake TV Holidays Are Way More Fun Than Valentine’s Day

By | 8 Comments

Here are 10 fake TV holidays that are a whole lot more fun than Valentine’s Day.


Friday Conversation: What TV Character Would You Like To See Get A Spin-Off?

By | 100 Comments

In honor of "Better Call Saul," we're talking dream spin-offs this week. WHO YA GOT?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

‘30 Rock’ Fans Will Love The Trailer For Netflix’s ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

By | 23 Comments

The first trailer for Netflix's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' reveals familiar faces that will make '30 Rock' fans very happy.

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NBC Abandoned Their Thursday Night Sitcoms, So Why Do They Keep Bringing Back The ‘Must See’ Stars?

By | 17 Comments

Rob Lowe, Jenna Fischer, and Megan Mullally will all return to NBC for an apocalyptic comedy.


These Fictional ’30 Rock’ Movies Need To Exist In Real Life

By | 18 Comments

Who wouldn't love a double feature of 'The Rural Juror' and 'Honky Grandma Be Trippin'?


Here Are 7 Movies And TV Shows That Took Aim At North Korea Without Incident

By | 33 Comments

Now that it's been confirmed North Korea is behind the Sony hack attacks, here are a few more shows and films they might target next.

Walt Disney

A Celebration Of The ‘Walt Disney Frozen Head’ Joke’s Enduring Appeal

By | 8 Comments

Walt Disney's legacy will never fade, but neither will the rumors that he was frozen after he died. Because everyone loves to joke about it.


Did ’30 Rock’ Subtly Call Out The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Way Back In Season 3?

By | 34 Comments

Was this just an uncanny coincidence or did '30 Rock' make a jab at Bill Cosby five years ago?

#Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers Attempts To Kill The Idea Of An Aaron Sorkin Sketch With His Own Aaron Sorkin Sketch


Doing an Aaron Sorkin parody is well traveled territory, but what else is there to do when Aaron Sorkin is on your show?

#Tina Fey

Tina Fey’s Jan Hooks Tribute Included A Great Rob ‘F*cking’ Schneider Burn

By | 31 Comments

"Jan deserved a big movie career," said Tina Fey in her lovely tribute to Jan Hooks.


All The Fake ’30 Rock’ Reality Shows We Wish We Could Set Our DVRs For

By | 20 Comments

“You’ve kept it tight” and “We no longer want to hit that”

jan hooks

Jan Hooks Has Passed Away At Age 57

By | 51 Comments

The former 'Saturday Night Live' comedienne had reportedly been battling a serious illness.

#Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan’s Doctors Aren’t Sure If He’ll Ever Perform Again

By | 25 Comments

Tracy Morgan, who's still recovering from the car crash that almost killed him, might not be able to perform again.

spin offs

Dear TV Executives, Please Don’t Ever Make Spin-Offs About These Characters

By | 55 Comments

All this talk about a Bud Bundy TV show has us terrified that other TV characters could end up getting their own ill-advised spin-offs.

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