All The EGOT Winners, Ranked

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Ranking the best EGOT winners, from not Mel Brooks to Mel Brooks.


Alec Baldwin Blames Everyone Else But Himself For His Problems, Leaves Public Life For Good

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Alec Baldwin is not going to talk about his life publicly anymore, but that won't stop the media from talking about it for him.


There’s An Entire Subreddit Dedicated To TV Shows People Only ‘Watch For The Plot’

By | 19 Comments

There's only one reason to watch "Person of Interest," according to Watch It For the Plot.


Aled Lewis Celebrates The Best Pop Culture Rivalries With His ‘Such Pixels’ Art Show

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We've featured the work of Aled Lewis before, like his 'Video Games vs. Real Life'. Now he hosts his own show with plenty of pop culture pixel art to enjoy.


A Guide To The Great American Pastime Of Celebrities Dressing As Princess Leia

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Today we pay tribute to the many, many female celebrities that have dressed as Princess Leia to pander to all of us 'Star Wars' geeks and nerds.


Drake Dropped A Jenna Maroney Quote In His New Song With Beyoncé

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"All them fives need to listen when the ten is talking."


Alec Baldwin Turned Down ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Because He Didn’t Want To Be A ‘Cop Killer’

By | 7 Comments

Alec Baldwin turned down a "ridiculous amount of money" for Grand Theft Auto voiceover work, and also talks about a Marvel project he had to turn down.


For Your Consideration: Why Jane Krakowski Deserves An Emmy For 30 Rock’s Jenna Maroney

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With the 65th Emmy Awards approaching, here's a reminder of why Jane Krakowski deserves to win for her hilarious portrayal of Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock.

#Mad Men

Mad Rock Is The Mashup Of ‘Mad Men’ And ’30 Rock’ We Didn’t Know We Needed

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'Mad Men' and '30 Rock' have so much in common, and single-serving Tumblr Mad Rock has shown us the way.


Here’s A GIF Wall Of ‘SNL’ Alumni Who Appeared On ‘30 Rock’ Just Because

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A fun "oh yeah now I remember when they were on 30 Rock" reminder.

#tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan Admitted That He Used To Model Hairstyles For Barber Shops

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30 Rock star Tracy Morgan posted photos of his old hairstyle modeling for barber shop posters to his website today.


Video: Grizz From ’30 Rock’ Carried A Grown Man Around New York In A Baby Bjorn

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Actor Grizz Chapman carried comedian Mark Malkoff around New York City in a Baby Bjorn.

#Mad Men

There Was A Really Obscure ’30 Rock’ Reference In Sunday’s ‘Mad Men’

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Eagle-eyed "30 Rock" fans will have noticed a reference to an "Old Spanish" during Sunday's "Mad Men."


Kris Humphries Just Wants An Apology


It looks like the incredibly drawn out and ridiculously expensive divorce hearing between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian is finally coming to an end.


SUPERCUT: Ever Movie Reference in 30 Rock

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Every Movie Reference in 30 Rock |Film.com| Morning Links UPROXX Video: ‘Love Pearls’ Will Cure What Ails Your Semen-Starved Skin |UPROXX| ‘Doctor Who’s’ Super Hot Karen Gillan Not So Super Hot As A ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie | Hank Azaria on his Heat reaction shot: [...].

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