Hooker Lover Justin Bieber Is Taking On The H8TERZ In The ‘Believe’ Trailer

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Justin Bieber stars in the new concert film 'Believe' that takes on his haters and his generally negative public image as a hooker-loving brat.


‘Metallica: Amped For IMAX’ Is A Short Film That Is Basically Just A New Trailer

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Metallica Through the Never offers up the typical concert film in a whole new light, as the film stars Dane DeHaan as a roadie trusted with an “urgent mission” as the band plays, which I assume means that he’s sent out to round up some hot groupies.


Morgan Spurlock’s Documentary About One Direction Has A Trailer Now

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Concert films have always been a really easy way for the artists to make a boatload of cash, as evidenced by Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never raking in $73 million and Katy Perry: Part of Me earning $25 million at the box office in recent years.


‘Metallica: Through The Never’ Looks Intense

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While a lot of today’s popular music stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are pumping out “concert documentaries” to make a few extra million dollars and promote themselves in positive, edited new lights, credit is due to Metallica for taking that idea and punching it in the balls.

why god why?

Morgan Spurlock is directing a 3D One Direction film. Wait, what?

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Since I don't watch American Idol or keep track of the 15 shows on network TV dedicated to karaoke, I knew One Direction mainly as that group of hair-farming milk babies from a Drew Brees commercial.


Jennifer Lopez is making a 3D concert movie

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Following in the footsteps of 3D concert pioneers The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez is planning her own 3D concert movie.

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