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Spider-Man Just Can't Keep His Mask On During Four Minutes Of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

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The four minute "super preview" (whatever that means) of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man aired on last night's America’s Got Talent.


First image from Ang Lee's 3D Life of Pi Movie. THE TIGER LOOKS FAKE! FAAAAAKE!

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One project I'll admit I forgot even existed is the adaptation of Life of Pi, from Brokeback Mountain/Crouching Tiger director Ang Lee that's scheduled to open this December, and which, last we heard, was being shot in 3D (.


The Hobbit debuted some footage in 48 fps and everyone hated it

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For years, James Cameron has been telling everyone who would listen (mostly his army of high-priced whores) that a lot of the early problems people had with 3D - that it required slower cuts and camera movements because of strobing and blurring - could be solved with higher frame rates, which is relatively easy to accomplish (your TV is already capable of doing much higher than film's 24 frames per second, for instance).

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New International Trailer For 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Is Rife With Lizard

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Sony Pictures has released an English trailer with Japanese subtitles for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man.


The Best Of #Titanic Lulz

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Easily my favorite thing about the movie Titanic is that it has been out for fifteen years and the internet has had plenty of time to make fun of it.


3D Katy Perry Movie To Be Directed By Magical Elves

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Here's my favorite part of this story: that headline, while somewhat misleading, is 100% not a joke.


3D Chinese Porn to get a sequel in 4D! …Wait, what?

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Last year's 3D softcore success story out of China, 3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (incorrectly identified as the "first" 3D porno), is set to get a sequel.

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The First Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man Wants To See What’s In Your Bag


We already posted the first trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man here, here, and here.

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International Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man Shows New Action

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Sony Pictures has released an alternate cut of that amazing Amazing Spider-Man trailer for Belgium, and there are some different scenes we haven't seen before, albeit short ones.

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The honest trailer for Star Wars Episode I 3D

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Over the weekend, I got sent links to at least three or four articles declaring the Episodes I-III superior to the original trilogy for various reasons.

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The New Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man Is Right Here And It Is Awesome

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Last night, Sony Pictures screened a new trailer and some footage from The Amazing Spider-Man in locations nowhere near you.


Five Gaming Franchises That Just Can’t Go 3D

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Video games are inexorably tied to technology: as processors and, just as importantly, manufacturing processes advance and become cheaper, more becomes possible for the game designers.


The Avengers will be converted to 3D in post

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This week, Disney announced that Marvel's The Avengers will be screened in 3D as well as 2D when it opens this May.


People Doing Awesome Things With Buildings And Light

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We've got a couple videos below of lighting display projects in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and Lyon, France.

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