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Miley Cyrus Celebrated 4/20 By Smoking A Huge Bong Wearing Nothing But Pasties


To be fair, we're pretty sure Miley Cyrus celebrates most days like this.

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Marijuana Music: Rappers’ Favorite Nicknames For Weed


Using your favorite rap songs to break down all the different names for weed.


4/20: Three People Shot At Denver 420 Day Rally


Two people were shot and a third person was grazed by a bullet after a gunman opened fire in the otherwise peaceful crowd at Denver's 420 Day festival.

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4/20: Ad Offers Denver Great Deals On 420 Day Weed


Despite the fact that the association of marijuana use and 4/20 traces back to some California stoners in the early 70s, people in Colorado love to revel in the fact that their state has long had some of the most lenient recreational marijuana laws in the country.

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UPROXX Video: The 5-Second Films Does Drugs Compilation Just Did All Your Drugs

All the weird, random, and hilarious 5 Second Films interactions with booze, psychedelics, rails, and -- of course -- the chronic.


Celebrate 420 Day With Cats Who Are Undoubtedly Stoned

Tomorrow is 420 Day, which is an exceedingly important holiday for weed lovers. To celebrate, here are 30 cats who are getting chill for this 4/20 season.

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