4Chan Founder Christopher ‘moot’ Poole Steps Down As Site Administrator

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4Chan's founder, Christopher 'moot' Poole is finally stepping down after years as the site's administrator.

#The Interview

Thanks To 4chan, ‘The Interview’ Is The Highest-Rated Movie On IMDb

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Those pranksters over at 4chan are getting back at North Korea by...increasing the IMDb score of "The Interview"?

Emma Watson

Those Rumored Emma Watson Nude Photos? They Were An Anti-4Chan Hoax.

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Emma Watson's leaked nude photos are fake, but skeezy marketing firms are real.


4Chan Managed To Troll iPhone Users Once Again With The Introduction Of ‘Wave’

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Last time they told users than an app could make their phone waterproof. This time it's all about charging phones in the microwave.


Someone Should Tell CNN That 4chan Is A Thing, Not A Person

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A CNN "technology analyst" apparently doesn't know that 4chan isn't an actual person.

Super Smash Bros.

‘Super Smash Bros.’ Roster Leaked: We May Finally Get To Slap The ‘Duck Hunt’ Dog

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Pictures and videos purportedly from the next 'Super Smash Bros.' 3DS game leaked, and yes, we are going to fight the dog from 'Duck Hunt'.


DiGiorno Launched A “Design A Pizza” Web App And It Didn’t Take Long For Internet Pranksters To Ruin it

By | 9 Comments

DiGiorno launched a "Design A Pizza" web app. It didn't take long for the internet to ruin it.


#EndFathersDay Is The 4Chan Joke That Turned Into Typical Twitter Outrage

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What started as a 4Chan prank on Twitter, #EndFathersDay turned into something new for random strangers to fight over.


Tampon, Tampoff: The #FreeBleeding Movement Is A 4chan-Supported Hoax

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Don't believe the "Free Bleeding" moment. It's not real.

jenna jameson

Jenna Jameson Asked 4chan To Find Someone For Her. 4chan’s Response: ‘T*ts Or GTFO’

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4chan will do Jenna Jameson's bidding, so long as she takes her shirt off.


4Chan And Reddit Worked Together To Get An iPad-Wielding A-hole Kicked Out Of His Gym

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4Chan and Reddit formed their own Justice League to get an Australian bully kicked out of his gym.


Yelpers Go To Town On Pizzeria After 4Chan Posts Photo Of Someone Allegedly Masturbating In The Kitchen

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The owner of Jersey Joe's Pizzeria in San Diego claims an ex-employee is behind some images on 4Chan that show someone masturbating in his kitchen.


4Chan Is Making Sure That A Creepy 39-Year-Old Man Will Win A Contest To Sniff Taylor Swift’s Hair

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A "fat, old creep" is currently winning a contest to meet Taylor Swift, then sniff her hair, thanks to the efforts of 4chan.

#video games

The Game That’s Causing An Internet War: ‘Winnie The Pooh Home Run Derby’

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We haven’t really discussed Flash games since we found out about Old Spice’s “Dikembe Mutombo’s 4.5 Weeks to Save the World”, which was far and away the best game that you could waste time at work with in 2012.


4Chan Is Sending Taylor Swift To Sing On The Campus Of A School For The Deaf

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Last we checked in on the ridiculously organized trolling activities at 4Chan they were naming Mountain Dew's new flavor, "Diabeetus."


4Chan Tries To Name Mountain Dew's New Flavor. This Will Surely End Well.

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Mountain Dew launched the "Dub The Dew" campaign to crowdsource names for their green apple flavored soda. 4chan had some suggestions.


8.14 The Cooler

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Chocolate Dolly VH1 Pulls The Plug On ‘Ev And Ocho’ Reality Show [Crunk & Disorderly] Timbaland & Missy Elliott Don't Have "Any Plans" To Participate In Aaliyah Album [HHW] T.

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