4Chan Tries To Name Mountain Dew's New Flavor. This Will Surely End Well.


Mountain Dew launched the "Dub The Dew" campaign to crowdsource names for their green apple flavored soda. 4chan had some suggestions.


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Chocolate Dolly VH1 Pulls The Plug On ‘Ev And Ocho’ Reality Show [Crunk & Disorderly] Timbaland & Missy Elliott Don't Have "Any Plans" To Participate In Aaliyah Album [HHW] T.


Lettuce-Tainting Burger King Employee Hunted Down By 4Chan


FYI, in case your Burger King lettuce has ever tasted like feet.

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4Chan Made A Sweet Video Game About Dating The Disabled

To Westerners, Japanese dating games are really weird.


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Kapri Styles Google Doodle Combines Leap Year And Rossini [Mashable] A Look Back At Eminem’s "The Slim Shady LP" [Complex] ROFLMNBAO: The NBA All-Star Weekend Edition [With Leather] Picture Of The Day: Alligator Street Art [Twisted Sifter] Lame Tattoo Bets = Unicorns, D*cks And Twinkies [...].


Meme Watch: ‘2/10, Would Not Bang’ Is Here To Help Point Out The Flaws You May Have Missed


Stop me if you've heard this, but apparently the internet can occasionally be overly hyper-critical.


4Chan Recreates DC’s New 52 In MS Paint

When I happened upon an archived 4chan thread where several anonymous members drew the DC Comics covers of the New 52 using MS Paint, I knew I had to match the drawings to the #1 issue covers on which they were based.


More Awesome Star Wars Improvements

We enjoyed this parody of the changes George Lucas made to the original Star Wars trilogy, but we had only begun to see what the internet could do with a three day weekend.

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Man Who Wrote Book About 4Chan Now Lives In Fear of 4Chan

As someone mildly fascinated by the internet's smelly butthole and its denizens, I've been looking forward to reading Epic Win for Anonymous: How 4chan’s Army Conquered the Web by Cole Stryker since I heard it was a work coming down the pipeline.


Meme Watch: ScooterKarp, Photoshops Of Our Fearless Tumblr Leader David Karp On A Vespa

The picture above of Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp appeared in Inc. Magazine a few days ago, and Karp added it to his own Tumblr page, drawing more attention to it.


10 Great Moments From SXSW Interactive 2011

Every year, SXSW Interactive finds and displays the best from gaming and the web.


Meme Watch: Dog Fort


Seen above is the first Dog Fort comic, made (or posted) by Scottacus in Fort comic also employed the use of a dog you should already be familiar with if you've been on Uproxx before: Lobster Dog.


4chan Gets Hot Topic to Pull Rage Guy T-Shirts


Hot Topic challenged the Internet Hate Machine awhile back when they started selling t-shirts based on 4chan meme Rage Guy (and they didn't even get the design right).

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Why Is the FBI Targeting 4Chan?

As has been reported elsewhere, Anonymous has been throwing an online hissy fit over the clumsy and ham-handed way large corporations and washed-up rock stars are defending their copyrights.


10 Awesome Fan Reimaginings Of Popular Characters


We always said there was a dramatic story to tell about Pac-man.


Links With The Dogs of 4Chan Explaining Politics

Did you notice the shark submarine in the right sidebar, where it says, "Get the Daily Breakdown".


Meme Watch: Forever Alone


The picture above was first posted (most likely) on 4Chan Ebaum's World and quickly spread to Tumblr and FunnyJunk, spawning enough photoshops to become its own meme.

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Heather Feather Lil’ Wayne To Begin Dedication 4 Once Released From Prison [Y2K] Alison Brie Is a Good Actress [Warming Glow] So Can We Stop Calling Her Kanye’s Ex Peen Polisher Now.


Another Police Department Joins The Pedobear Scare


Hey, remember the police department in California that sent out a hilarious warning about Pedobear.

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