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Because You Probably Ate A Lot Of Meat Over The 4th Weekend, Here’s What A Heart Transplant Looks Like


Ate a lot of meat over the weekend, did you? Well, if you need a heart transplant one day, here's a preview of what you'll go through.


John Oliver Pre-Recorded A Segment Perfectly Describing Your 4th Of July Fireworks Experience

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Here's a British comedian explaining everything crappy and wonderful about your July 4th experience.


Weekend Preview: AMERICA, That’s What

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV this weekend, including a whole bunch of July 4th marathons.

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Here Are 7 Explosively Colorful Games To Play Over The Fourth Of July Weekend

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Don't give yourself the grey-brown blues over the long weekend. Here are seven games as colorful as Fourth of July fireworks.


For Independence Day Week, Here’s A Ranking Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s’ Most Patriotic Moments

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Let's celebrate the 4th of July early with these patriotic moments from 'It's Always Sunny'. Rock flag and eagle!


The Assumptive WWE Smackdown Spoilers Report For 7/4/14

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Hanging out with your family and friends this July 4? Not staying home to watch wrestling shows? Here's this week's Smackdown spoilers.

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Just In Case You Were Thinking About Lighting 200 Sparklers At Once On The 4th Of July…

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Just in the event you were thinking of discharging a buttload of sparklers all at once tomorrow, here is a video you may find helpful.

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San Diego's Massive Fireworks Show Went KABOOM All At Once Last Night

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San Diego puts on one of the biggest fireworks shows each 4th of July. Last night the entire collection of pyrotechnics detonated at once.


An Exclusive 4TH OF JULY EDITION 'White House Down' Storyboard

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Now that Magic Mike has been released and the chaos of the promotional tours and marketing has died down, we can once again re-focus on what many people are referring to “The Eventual Greatest Blockbuster Motion Picture of All-Time”.


Happy Fourth Of July!

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Welp, that's gonna do it for us today. On behalf of the rest of the UPROXX staff, I'd like to wish all of you a happy Independence Day. Also, here's what's on tonight.


20 Reasons To Be Proud of American TV

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Real talk: we bitch about shows like "Two and a Half Men" and present-day "The Office" here on Warming Glow all the time, but really, we couldn't be happier with the state of TV these days.

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