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50 Cent Owes Rival Headphone Company A Sh*tload Of Money For Stealing Their Design


The good news for 50 Cent: it won’t really matter since he’s already one of the richest artists around.


Meryl Streep Sat Next To 50 Cent At The Knicks Game. No Seriously, This Happened.

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In perhaps the most random celebrity courtside pairing we'll see this year, Meryl Streep and 50 Cent cheered on the Knicks against the Lakers.

leaked audition tapes

Here’s 50 Cent Attempting To Cry On Cue In His Leaked ‘American Gangster’ Audition Tape

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50 Cent really wanted to star alongside Denzel Washington in "American Gangster." so much so that he made an audition tape to send to producers.


UFC 165 Promo Features Charlize Theron, Exploding Heads & Secondhand Embarrassment

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A YouTube promo for UFC 165 reaches new levels of embarrassment by appropriating the "exploding actresses" meme and using the tag line "it's so big."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Stallone & Schwarzenegger escape from prison and 50 Cent is there too!

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A man like Arnold, he doesn't do anything small, as evidenced by his penchant for <a href="" target="_blank">giant trucks</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">mulatto ass</a> (his words).


For Channing Tatum’s Birthday: An Exclusive White House Down Deleted Scene, ‘Dope Pope’

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First thing’s first, amigos – HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY, CHANNING MATTHEW TATUM.


Netflix Instant Theater: ‘Setup’

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Welcome to this week’s installment of <a href="">Netflix Instant Theater</a>, which has us watching random straight-to-DVD films and/or forgotten classics that we otherwise wouldn’t know of if it weren’t for the magic of legal online movie streaming.


Netflix Instant Theater: ‘Fire With Fire’

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Welcome to our new weekly feature, Netflix Instant Theater, in which Vince, myself and some very special guests will select a Netflix Instant movie to watch and review for you each week.


Sophisticated Cat Gets A Little Less Sophisticated (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring Sophisticated Cat in a new photoshop and GIF, as well as a cat who's mastered the fire pole slide.


Erin Andrews Wants Us To Stop Making Fun Of 50 Cent Now


Last week, <a href="">rapper 50 Cent started our Monday off with a chuckle</a> after video, GIFs, pictures, memes and whatever else hit these bloggywebbytubes, featuring the occasional rapper and <a href="">hilariously awful actor</a> trying to get some sugar with FOX reporter Erin Andrews.


Zero Dark Fiddy


50 Cent unveils the true story of the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.


We Can’t Bring You Anywhere, 50 Cent

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50 Cent’s new album “Street King Immortal” was set to be released tomorrow after several setbacks in 2012, but it seems that it has been pushed back once again to a tentative release date of “whenever the f*ck it happens”.

Erin Andrews Rejecting 50 Cent’s Kiss Is Your New Favorite ‘Awkward’ GIF

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At the Daytona 500, Erin Andrews rejected 50 Cent's kiss on live TV, and it's fantastic.

street by 50

50 Cent Peddled Headphones On QVC, Probably Boned At Least One Of The Hosts

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If you, by chance, visited your grandma over the weekend and thought you saw 50 Cent on her TV peddling $250 headphones, you were not dreaming.


This Week In Beef: 50 Cent And Floyd Mayweather May Or May Not Hate Each Other

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Rapper 50 Cent has long been the hard-working businessman, whether <a href="">potentially illegally shilling penny stocks on Twitter</a> to make him millions or <a href="">standing around gyms and sneakily giving Joan Rivers energy shots</a>, and every once in a while he even manages to, you know, rap.

guide to not masturbate

50 Cent Explains How To Stop Masturbating, In Four Simple Steps

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We're sorry if this post causes you to think of 50 Cent the next time you, y'know, not that you should ever y'know because you'll go to Hell if you do.


Straight To The Bank: 50 Cent’s ‘The 50th Law’ Is Now A Comic Book


Do you want to be filthy successful? 50 Cent suggests reading his comic book, 'The 50th Law Comic', which he says is "your guide to becoming rich and powerful."


How to Make Money Selling Drugs (Trailer)


A daring new documentary featuring interviews with drug kingpins, prison employees, celebrities, and lobbyists.


Reason No. 365726 To Dislike Floyd Mayweather

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On Saturday night, <a href="">unparalleled loud mouth</a> and <a href="">cheap shot artist</a> Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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