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50 Cent: My G-Unit Sneakers Outsold Jay’s Reeboks Six To One

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Curtis says he's a better shoe salesman than Jigga.


50 Cent – “Pilot” Video

By | 24 Comments

The good, the bad and the bottom line regarding Curtis' newest track.


The Game Sends Shots At 50, Suge Knight During ‘Tim Westwood’ Freestyle

By | 17 Comments

<em>“Game ain’t makin’ amends with 50 Cent. Game still tryin’ to find out where 50 went…”</em>

What's Beef?

50 Cent Fires Back At Steve Stoute With New Video

By | 29 Comments

Can you guess which one's Bishop and which one's Q?

spike lee

#Flight23NYC: Jordan Brand Opens New Flight 23 At Footaction

By | 8 Comments

Sneakerheads visiting the Big Apple have one more door to add to their list of stores to visit.


Meryl Streep Sat Next To 50 Cent At The Knicks Game. No Seriously, This Happened.

By | 9 Comments

In perhaps the most random celebrity courtside pairing we'll see this year, Meryl Streep and 50 Cent cheered on the Knicks against the Lakers.

Young Buck

50 Cent Feat. Young Buck – “This Is Murder, Not Music” (Remix)

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After parting ways on quite bad terms what seems like eons ago, 50 Cent and Young Buck find themselves sharing space on the remix to Fif's recent release, "This Is Murder, Not Music."


50 Cent – “This Is Murder Not Music”

By | 12 Comments

I know <em>exactly</em> what you're thinking: what's a new year without some new 50 Cent?

leaked audition tapes

Here’s 50 Cent Attempting To Cry On Cue In His Leaked ‘American Gangster’ Audition Tape

By | 2 Comments

50 Cent really wanted to star alongside Denzel Washington in "American Gangster." so much so that he made an audition tape to send to producers.


Watch 50 Cent’s ‘American Gangster’ Audition Tape And Figure Out Why He Didn’t Get The Part

By | 30 Comments

Someone (probably named Jeffrey Atkins) sent <a href="http://defamer.gawker.com/this-leaked-50-cent-audition-tape-for-american-gangster-1450167963">gossip site Defamer</a> 50 Cent's gutwrenching audition tape for the 2007 movie American Gangster.


UFC 165 Promo Features Charlize Theron, Exploding Heads & Secondhand Embarrassment

By | 6 Comments

A YouTube promo for UFC 165 reaches new levels of embarrassment by appropriating the "exploding actresses" meme and using the tag line "it's so big."


“Frank’s Not Around Anymore, New York’s Mine…”

By | 22 Comments

The crazy thing was, in 2003, with Jay Z's new "thing" being The Black Album was his final release ever, this claim seemed like anything but a reach.

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