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50 Questions About Pete Campbell’s New California Storyline On ‘Mad Men’

By | 27 Comments

Pete Campbell is in California on this season of "Mad Men." We have many, many questions.


50 Questions About Rust Cohle’s Beer Can Men On ‘True Detective’

By | 70 Comments

What if Rust Cohle's beer can men came to life 17 years ago and murdered Dora Lange? WHAT THEN?

fake doctors

50 Questions About Butterfinger’s Weird Couple’s Therapy Super Bowl Commercial

By | 18 Comments

This commercial was so weird. I don't even think that guy was a doctor. Someone should have been arrested.

Lyubov Orlova

50 Questions About The Abandoned Russian Cruise Ship Full Of Diseased Cannibal Rats

By | 21 Comments

Yesterday we found out about the runaway Russian cruise ship that's full of diseased cannibal rats. Today, we have a few questions.


50 Questions About That One Disturbing As Hell M&M Commercial

By | 67 Comments

The Brown M&M set up the Red M&M to be murdered and/or sexually assaulted. This commercial is disturbing as hell.

50 questions

50 Questions About The Bow-Making Family In The 2013 Lexus Christmas Commercials

By | 47 Comments

Is the lady in these commercials having an affair? Is that what's going on here?

50 questions

50 Questions About The Creepy Talking Tree In StubHub’s ‘Ticket Oak’ Commercials

By | 32 Comments

The existence of a creepy talking tree in StubHub's 'Ticket Oak' commercials raises many important, disturbing questions.


50 Questions About The 'Parks & Recreation' Porn Parody, 'Porks & Recreation'

By | 42 Comments

Someone finally went ahead and made a "Parks & Recreation" porn parody called "Porks & Recreation." Here are some relevant questions about the film.

i do not do drugs i swear

50 Questions About The GEICO Commercial Where A Talking Pig Is On A Date With A Human Girl

By | 92 Comments

50 important questions about the incredibly disturbing new GEICO commercial where a talking pig and a human girl are on a date.

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