Dee-1 Retells His Quest To Find “Jason Geter”

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The New Orleans rapper will send chills down your spine with this one.


5th Child – “Circles”

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Believe everything happens for a reason.

Skipp Coon

Here’s Proof That Jackson, MS Has Some Of The Country’s Best Rappers

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Rap has become what basketball was between 1999 and 2001 during the AND1 Mixtape era.


5th Child – In The Meantime Mixtape


The name 5th Child is no stranger to the archives at TSS.

We Got Now

Dee-1 – “Blue” Video

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Dee-1's I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2 is one of the most honest efforts I've heard in recent memory.

We Got Now

5th Child Feat. Cello – “Run”

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5th Child has been a friend of the site for many moons now and consistently drops off dope material.

The Incomparable Shakespeare

Rap Legacy: “Hometown Glory”

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If Adele were thinner, more crack-addled and a bigger train wreck of a human being, then she’d be just as famous as Amy Winehouse.

Pianos In The Dark

5th Child – Pianos In The Dark

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My Mississippi brethren 5th Child is back with another LP, Pianos In The Dark.


5th Child And Trumpcard Are Kid Superfly


I told you all a loooong time ago about the dopeness of 5th Child.


7even:Thirty – “The Business” x “Back Again”

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We’ve given you a few small doses of 7even:Thirty’s music over the past few months, but no real large body of work.

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