Rocky Rivera

Rocky Rivera Feat. Raka Dun – “Girl Like Me” Video

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<a href=""> The dancehall contract that Hip-Hop signed seemingly expired ago in favor of watered-down reggaeton, but Rocky Rivera is revamping the vibe just in time the days of summer, shade and Sangria. This jam can be found on her <a href="">self-titled debut</a>, and all the love spread in the video is straight from the heart of the Golden State.

Rocky Rivera

“Complex” – Review Of Rocky Rivera’s Rocky Rivera

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<a href=""> Despite the Internet taking down the archetypal levies that kept aspiring rappers from getting heard, females haven’t gained much traction. On top of that, the few females who do break through fill the same sexpot roles vacated by their predecessors. Meanwhile, their male counterparts have been afforded the luxury to branch out (if they have the cojones) stylistically. Unfazed by these seemingly rigid guidelines, Bay Area femcee <a href="">Rocky Rivera</a> aims to succeed on her own terms.

Rocky Rivera

Notable Quotable – Rocky Rivera’s “Heart”

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We don't get enough edutainment in Hip-Hop anymore.

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