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Hydra Score: ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Gets The 8-Bit Video Game Treatment

The very video game-y plot of 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' gets made into an actual video game.


Check Out This Trailer For A Full-Length 8-Bit Movie About Washed-Up Rock Stars

Ever see a full-length, 8-bit movie about has-been rock stars from the '80s? You'll get your chance soon!

The Matrix

The Bad 8-Bit Video Game Version Of ‘The Matrix’ Actually Looks Kind Of Amazing


What if 'The Matrix' had come out in the early 90s instead of the late 90s?


The 8-Bit Version Of ‘Sin City’ Is The Boozy, Hard-Boiled Epic Of Your Nostalgic Dreams

'Sin City' in 8-bit is the sequel to 'Double Dragon' and 'Battletoads' you've always wanted. Just not as colorful.

The Matrix

An 8-Bit Soundtrack Vastly Improves ‘The Matrix’ Sequels


A film student has changed the Matrix sequels for the better, by giving them a Nintendo-esque soundtrack.


Can You Name All Of The Famous Fictional Cats In This 8-Bit Poster?

The folks at re:blog have put together this cool poster featuring famous pop culture felines.

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‘The Raid 2′ Has Been Turned Into A Playable 8-Bit Video Game And It Is Awesome


In a wonderful marketing decision, 'The Raid 2' has been made into a playable online 8-bit action game and you can win an Xbox for a high score.

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Check This Out: An 8-Bit Hobbit Game With Real Dragon Action

Cinefix has created a retro-look video game recap of the first two Hobbit films.


‘Happy Gilmore’ Has Finally Received The 8-Bit Video Game Treatment


Ever wondered what it would look like if 'Happy Gilmore' had been an 8-bit video game? Wonder no more.


Here’s The Essential 8-Bit ‘True Detective’ Theme Song That You Didn’t Know You Needed


Listen to this wonderful 8-bit version of the 'True Detective' theme song. Yep, it's my ringtone already.

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8-Bit ‘Pulp Fiction’ Is Just A Little Different

What if Acclaim had got their grubby mitts on Pulp Fiction back in the early 90s?

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Video: It’s ‘Iron Man 3′ As A 16-Bit Video Game

If you've been longing to see Iron Man 3 reimagined as a 16-bit video game, then this is the video for you.


Finally, ‘Anchorman’ Received The 8-Bit Video Game Treatment


The folks at CineFix are responsible for spiking my Ovaltine with some happiness today, as they posted an “8-bit” video game version of Anchorman to YouTube last week, and if there’s anything my inner frat boy loves, it’s 8-bit video games (easy to play when hammered) and Anchorman (the babes at Tri Delt love when I quote it).

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Imagine If 'Drive' Starring Ryan Gosling Was An 8-Bit Video Game


We've seen 8-bit versions of Community, Mad Men, even Downton Abbey. Now, we can add Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 film "Drive" to the list. (If only this thing was a real game for Sega Genesis!)

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What ‘Arrested Development’ Would Look Like As An 8-Bit Video Game

You'll blue yourself looking at these "Arrested Development" themed 8-bit video games.

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PBS Explores The Evolution Of 8-Bit Art

Well, the good folks at PBS have done it again -- they've made another web video exploring the depths of web culture that is both highly informative and entertaining.

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