Nintendo Cartridges Get Recycled: 5 Awesome Products Made From Old Games

Are your old NES cartridges sitting around gathering dust.


8-Bit Ink: Awesome Tattoos of Retro Video Games


There are some of us that will never forget the 8-bit art we fell in love with as children, no matter how slick modern graphics get.


The Super iam8bit Art Show Looks Amazing

The Super iam8bit Art Show starts next Thursday, August 11th in L.

kunihiko morinaga

8-Bit High Fashion – The Pixelated Looks of Kunihiko Morinaga


Looking for that special gift for your geeky girlfriend.

twenty dollar computer

8-bit Computer Can Hold 5,000 Books, Mario Hack Inevitable

This cuddly little green guy to the right is the Humane Reader, a computer specifically designed to provide low-cost computing solutions to places without Internet access.

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