Bruce Vilanch is in ur blogs, correcting ur facts

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When our friends at ThePlaylist (specifically Oly Lyttleton) recently posted their Oscars post-mortem, "5 Suggestions on How to Make Next Year's Ceremony Better Than 2012," one of their suggestions involved a certain lumpy effervescent novelty t-shirt enthusiast who may or may not be eye f*cking me in the banner of this post.


Rate this awkward Richard Dreyfuss interview on a scale of one to Billy Bob Thornton

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I actually have a lot of respect for actors and actresses who refuse to play along with the whole superficial awards season ass-kissing routine, and especially the ones who don't kowtow to the bronzer-faced, stuffed-shirt jackwagons who do most of the red carpet interviews.


2012 Oscars Best Picture Bracket Contest Winners

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As most predicted, The Artist won Best Picture at the 84th Annual Academy Awards last night, which means Drunkards won too.


Tarantino's Cocaine Wizard Won an Oscar! (With Full List of Winners)

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Well the Oscars happened last night, and thanks to our The first award of the evening went to veteran cinematographer Robert Richardson for Hugo (Richardson's third), who may be more familiar to FilmDrunk readers as the wizard who appears when Quentin Tarantino does too much cocaine.


Official FilmDrunk Oscars Open Thread

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Well, folks, the Oscars are on tonight and we've got a commenting upgrade just in time.


Your 2012 Oscars Drinking Game

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This being a site dedicated to making fun of movies ("making fun," not "ridiculing," minor but important distinction) called "FilmDrunk," Oscars night drinking games are kind of our "thing.


Strippers predict the Oscars

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Our buddy Kevin from NextMovie had the simple-but-brilliant idea to go to a strip club and solicit Oscar predictions from the dancers there.


2012 Oscars Best Picture Bracket: Round 3

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This is the final round, Drunkards.


Blah Blah Sacha Baron Cohen The Oscars Fart Noise

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Sorry to preemptively dismissive wank my own headline, but this is just kind of a dumb non-story all around, that I have to cover anyway because I already brought it up the other day.


FilmDrunk's 2012 Oscars Best Picture Bracket

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(Click to supersize) I was thinking about how to make awards coverage fun and unique, until I realized such pontificating was an exercise in futility.


99-year-old Academy member doesn't give a sh*t about The Artist

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People often don't take the time to listen to their elders in this country, and that's a shame.


Oscars voters are 94% white, the rest are Erik Estrada and Lorenzo Lamas

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This week being Oscars week, the LA Times recently published a demographic investigation of who actually makes up the Academy that votes on them.

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