Another Family Had To Call 911 On Their Cat After It Trapped Them In The Bedroom

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This time it was a couple in Florida who were terrorized by their housecat.


Four Armed Men Broke Into A Florida Man’s Home And 911 Sent Him To Voicemail

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A Florida man was forced to take matters into his own hands by shooting an intruder when a 911 dispatcher sent him to voicemail.


This Woman Called 911 Because Subway Put Marinara Sauce On Her ‘Flatizza’

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A North Carolina woman called 911 after unfairly being served "marinara sauce" instead of pizza sauce on her Subway "Flatizza." Yeah, we got nothin'.


Pastor Somehow Winds Up In Handcuffs And Gag, Makes 911 Call Of The Year

By | 3 Comments

We're sure this handcuffed pastor has an excellent reason for what happened.

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