Antoine Dodson: ‘If My Son Is Gay, I’ll Make Him Straight’

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Antoine Dodson swears to make his newborn son straight if he turns out to be gay. Sounds legit to me.


Antoine Dodson Explains Why It’s Okay To Be Gay & Still Eat Chick-Fil-A

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Yesterday, the whole "Chick-fil-A don't do gays" thing made me realize what a tough situation heterosexuals were being placed in.

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Today’s Time-Waster: Todrick Hall’s “Beauty And The Beast” Spoof Is All Kinds Of Awesome

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Having only watched American Idol in passing, show alumn Todrick Hall's name doesn't instantly ring a bell but it will forever more after you watch his reworking of Disney's Beauty & The Beast into a hood-happy affair.

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Meet Your New Antoine Dodson, Internet


Apparently there's a show on one of the local news stations in San Francisco, KRON, called "People Behaving Badly.


9.27 The Cooler

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Valeria Orsini Anne Hathaway In The Full Catwoman Suit [Gamma Squad] $2.

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Antoine Dodson in court: ‘I don’t deserve to be here!’


In case you missed it, human supermeme Antoine Dodson was arrested last week for marijuana possession and some other minor stuff, forcing him to make an appearance in court to face the proverbial music.

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Human supermeme Antoine Dodson arrested for weed possession


Internet sensation Antoine Dodson, who rose to fame as the modern day Paul Revere of hood rape when a local news station in Alabama featured him in a report, was arrested over the weekend in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama on marijuana possession charges, along with some other nonsense.

The Chronicles of Rick Roll

The Chronicles of Rick Roll, Starring Your Favorite Internet Memes (Teaser)


If ever there were a motley crew of rejected Justice League superheroes, you need look no further than the cast of the upcoming The Chronicles of Rick Roll -a cinematic experience that looks so ridiculous, frankly I'm ashamed to admit I never actually thought there was someone evil enough to produce something on this scale.

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1.24 The Cooler

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Alicia Placencia Antoine Dodson Shooting His Own Reality Show [Vibe] Nicki Minaj Signs Boobs In London [The Urban Daily] How Will Google Survive Without Their Adult Supervision.


2010: The Year of the Meme

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Let's be honest, 2010 was one hell of a year for everybody.


CBS’s All-Internet Lineup

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As "Bleep My Dad Says" has proven, no other network can take cool stuff on the Internet and turn it into a crappy TV show quite like CBS.


Antoine Dodson Puts A Digital Hit Out On The Rapists

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If you thought Antoine Dodson's fifteen minutes were up, it's 'bout time that you buy a new watch, buddy.


Antoine Dogson climbs in the internet’s window

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Yes, here's Antoine Dogson, aka Benny the boxer, dressed as the Bed Intruder guy at the Tompkins Square Dog Parade in New York.

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Antoine Dodson Sings ‘Bed Intruder’ Live at the BET Awards

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Antoine Dodson, the Alabama man who went from colorful interview to viral star, performed his popular "Bed Intruder" song with Michael Gregory of Auto-Tune the News last night at the BET Awards.


9.30 The Cooler

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Jeny Romero Tyler Perry Rescues Atlanta Cub Scouts [Straight From The A] Six Local NILFs (News I’d Like to F@#k) You Need to Know [TSJ] The 'Official' Antoine Dodson Halloween Costume.


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