Yo Dawg, Xzibit Got Arrested On His Wedding Night

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Rapper Xzibit reportedly arrested for DUI shortly after his wedding ceremony.


Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Nostalgia: 9 Reasons Why ‘Pimp My Ride’ Was Classic TV


It’s been 10 years since the first episode aired on March 4, 2004 and we let Xzibit take us into the zany world of custom car jobs,


Scoe – Tha Influence Mixtape

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Seeing as a few months had gone by since Scoe's last single, we were starting to worry Tha Influence wasn't going to see the light of day.


Hit-Boy Featuring A Whole Lot Of Rappers – “Cypher”

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Pick your poison for Hit-Boy's "Cypher," presumably off his All I've Ever Dreamed Of compilation.

#Iggy Azalea

Watch: The 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers

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Does anyone know whether 2 Chainz or Drake won that award.


Watch: “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Season 8 Teaser

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If your favorite flavor of comedy is the kind that you'd shield the majority of your family from, you probably love FX's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.


Xzibit Feat. King Tee & Tha Alkaholiks – “Louis XIII” (Prod. By Dr. Dre)

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"Gettin’ paper with my neighbors like the Clippers and the Lakers, drinkin’ Jack next to Jack courtside at the Staples" Xzibit hooks up with his old, rowdy friends King Tee and Tha 'Liks for "Louis XIII," a record from X to the Z's Napalm album, due in stores in October.


Can’t Be Faded: 40 Forgotten Nate Dogg Features

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Graphic: Dimplez Almost a year ago, the Hip-Hop community was stunned to hear about the passing of Nate Dogg.


SEAL Team 6 to be portrayed by… Cam Gigandet and Xzibit

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On May 1st, SEAL Team 6 famously dropped into Pakistan, shot Osama, and left before anyone there even knew what was going on like total badasses, which I celebrated by putting on my stars and stripes speedo and shooting pistols in the air like Yosemite Sam while playing My Country 'Tis of Thee on the Jew's Harp.


If Your 5 Favorite Memes Offered Online Degrees


The Internet is an idea engine, hooking hundreds of thousands of brains together in parallel, and then discovering that most of them have nothing better to do.

#Arnold Schwarzenegger

7.22 The Cooler

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Laura Bentley Lockout This: 10 Awesome Sports That Could Replace The NBA [With Leather] Michael Jackson's Jacket to Go on World Tour [Spinner] Top 10 "Entourage" Babes [Ask Men] Two Men Arrested For Pretending To Be Arrested [Vibe] S'mores & Why They're Awful [Slate] 5 Comics [...].


The iPod Shuffle – Xzibit’s “Shroomz”

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Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, you won't catch me on much more than Mary.


Trick Trick – The Landlord Mixtape

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Uh-oh. Trick Trick, the Godfather of The D, has become The Landlord with his new mixtape and your speakers' rent is due, motherf#%er.

Young De

Young De – “Running Around” Video


Just when you think you can put your feet up, you're dealing with a freak without a leash, needing her kitten kaboodled with firm discipline.


3.28 The Cooler

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Alba Zapata Amber Rose To Cover KING? [Team Yee] Elizabeth Taylor’s Last Tweet Unfortunately Mentions Kim Kardashian [EgoTV] Russell Simmons: ‘Cut Chris Brown Some Slack Like Those Disney Kids Get’ [The Superficial] 100 Of The Most Ridiculous Yahoo.

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You Can Build a Computer In Minecraft?

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If you're on the Internet, you've probably heard of Minecraft, the video game that isn't even in beta yet and is already a massive hit.


Xzibit Feat. Trick-Trick – “Highest Form Of Understanding (H.F.O.U.)”

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Mr. X to tha Z has less than 3 months to get his MMX off the ground or that album title will go for naught.

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