A Very Holly And Jolly Ranking Of The Best Movie Versions Of Santa Claus

By | 14 Comments

Which movie version of Santa Claus is the greatest of all? We used a little bit of science and Christmas spirit to decide.


What’s On Tonight (And Tomorrow): Marathons, Movies, And Santa Claus Comes To ‘Doctor Who’

By | 13 Comments

Enjoy the holiday break with the 'Doctor Who' and 'Black Mirror' Christmas specials, holiday movie marathons, and basketball.

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Everything You Might Not Know About ‘A Christmas Story’

By | 3 Comments

Everything you didn't know about your favorite basic cable holiday tradition.

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Everyone Should Get These ‘A Christmas Story’ References

By | 12 Comments

You're holiday will go a lot smoother if you spend it making 'A Christmas Story' references.

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A Dutchman Fought For The Right To Turn His Amputated Leg Into A Lamp

By | 5 Comments

This Netherlands man had a perfectly rational reaction to news that his leg would need to be amputated.

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Another Retirement Community Made An Awesome Calendar Of Famous Movies

By | 23 Comments

The residents of the Senior Living Communities teamed up to recreate some scenes and images from their favorite movies and TV shows.

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Thirty Years Later, People Still Haven’t Learned From ‘A Christmas Story’

By | 3 Comments

A New Hampshire girl who has unfortunately never seen 'A Christmas Story' learned the hard way that we don't put our tongues on frozen flag poles.


20 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About 'A Christmas Story'

By | 37 Comments

Just try and not be amazed by these facts about one of the best Christmas movies ever. I triple dog dare ya!


Watch Kids Re-Create ‘A Christmas Story’ On New York City Subway

By | 6 Comments

Young kids reenact 'A Christmas Story's' iconic scene on a NYC train.


A Remix-Mas Story


Holiday classic A Christmas Story gets remixed over “Deck The Halls” electro-synths, courtesy of Mike Relm and Eclectic Method.


Paralympic Skier Josh Sundquist Wins The Athlete Halloween Costume Contest

By | 5 Comments

When Josh Sundquist was 9-years old, he was diagnosed with bone cancer and the doctors gave him a 50/50 chance to live, according to his website’s bio.


‘A Christmas Story 2′ looks legit

By | 35 Comments

A Christmas Story came out in 1983 and it's everyone's favorite Christmas movie, probably because they show it on TV non-stop every Christmas, and it's hard not to love a movie you've seen every year since you were six, usually while being showered with presents.

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Links: Merry The Day After Christmas

By | 2 Comments

As a kid who grew up fearing the pink aisle because of what it said about me, I'm happy kids like this are starting to exist.


On “A Christmas Story,” Its Lessons For Hip-Hop & Biggie Smalls

By | 11 Comments

The holidays are here, and for the male delegation, now marks the time when we should probably begin our Christmas shopping.


You’ll Shoot-Fight Your Eye Out


Chris Weidman asking Santa Claus for a win over Tom Lawlor on Saturday at UFC 139 is funny enough, but Santa not knowing what that is and thinking "MMA" means military is the stuff of legend.

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