NBC’s Next Big Live Broadcast Event Might Be… ‘A Few Good Men’

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NBC's next big splashy Broadway-inspired live event is a bit of a head scratcher unless you're particularly fond of military trials.

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This Game Of Thrones World Cup Goal Celebration Needs To Happen In Real Life

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Conan took a look at ridiculous World Cup goal celebrations and created a few of his own, including a tribute to Ned Stark.


Batman And Bane Have Finally Been Added To ‘The Room’ And Other, Um, Classics

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Pistol Shrimps make parody mashup videos in which they place their own version of Batman in famous movie scenes. Here's the third installment.


A Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer Really, Really Wants You To Think He Inspired ‘A Few Good Men’

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Virginia personal injury lawyer Don Marcari has made a number of commercials implying that he was the inspiration for "A Few Good Men." Yeah, about that...


FilmDrunk Law Review: 10 Fascinating Reasons to Convict A Few Good Men

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Our legal correspondent has taken his withering eye for contracts and malfeasance and applied it to the 1992 Aaron Sorkin anti-hazing classic, A Few Good Men.

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Aaron Sorkin Fired Everybody

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In which we imagine what it's like when Aaron Sorkin fires a writer.

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