Trinidad James

Grip Plyaz Ft. Aleon Craft & Trinidad Jame$ – “Jackie Joyner ” x Purp, Wind & Fire Mixtape

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You know that extremely epic song playing during the slow motion finale of about a million movies.

Three Questions

3 Questions With Jarren Benton x “Half Ounce, Quarter Pound” Video


Funk Volume's newest member, Jarren Benton released one hell of a mixtape in Freebasing With Kevin Bacon.


El Prez Feat. Aleon Craft – “In The Kitchen”


When most of us are "In The Kitchen," it's because we're whipping up one of three daily meals or possibly fixing an after-work cocktail.

Tuki Carter

Loosies: New Music From Playboy Tre, Trouble, Dee Goodz, Scotty, Aleon Craft & More


In its essence, we have all Georgia everything for today's roundup.


El Prez – Feature PREZentation II Mixtape


With his latest mixtape, Feature PREZentation II, Inglewood native <a href="">El Prez</a> is treating his fans to one more project before his full-length, Leadersh.


Killer Mike, Thurz & Aleon Craft – “Bitches & Drugs” (Produced By Royal Flush)

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When you have 100+ artists packed in one venue at a festival like A3C, chances are they're going to mingle and chop it up.

Tame Impala

SMKA x Aleon Craft – Craft Singles EP

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They say "the cheese stands alone" but SMKA and Aleon Craft pack too much flavor in their packaged goods to ever get complacent.


Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 2: West Philly II The World

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Birds in the sky and fish in the sea have nothing on <a href="">Sean Falyon</a>, the rap pugilist who manages to Be Everywhere you can possibly think of at the same time.

Shane Eli

Shane Eli x DJ Skee – I Can Do Better Mixtape


<a href=""> Why would anyone settle for less when there's something better out there waiting for them? That's the way <a href="">Shane Eli</a> sees things and that's what he's aiming to give listeners with the release of his second mixtape, I Can Do Better.

The 808 Experiment: Vol 3

Scar Feat. El Prez & Aleon Craft – “Smoke & Ride Out” (Prod. By SMKA)

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I could probably count on both of my hands and maybe one foot the number of male R&B singers I actually enjoy listening to.

SMKA Productions

Aleon Craft – “Look Twice” Video


A few things worth looking twice at.

The Stargazing Soundtrack

Aleon Craft – “Sunday” Video

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<a href=""> It's a day for football, relaxing and borderline brilliant HBO programming. It's also the smoothest joint rolled fat in the center off Aleon Craft's <a href="">The Stargazing Soundtrack</a>.

The Stargazing Soundtrack

Aleon Craft – “A Different World” Video

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<a href=""> With summer coming to a close, the sounds of simmering hot dogs and perfectly executed shot-gunned beers are steadily dying off like the lightning bugs that illuminate the nighttime sky. Catching the seasonal essence, Aleon Craft and his fellow ATLiens give us visuals to his verse from the Nappy Roots-assisted "A Different World"—showing their idea of summertime fun when the sun goes down. The perfect ode to Wham-O slippin' and moonshine sippin', emulate Craft’s video and enjoy the last bits of the season before the first leaves drop. Aleon Craft and SMKA’s latest project, The Stargazing Mixtape, is out now. Snag it <a href="">here</a> if you haven’t already taken a ride aboard their ship.

The Stargazing Soundtrack

Aleon Craft – “Yoga Flame”

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<a href=""> With the final leak from his upcoming The Stargazing Soundtrack hosted by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban <a href="">Aleon</a> shows us where the draws the force for all of his intergalactic odysseys.

The Stragazing Soundtrack

Aleon Craft – “Strange” Video

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<a href=""> You can call Aleon Craft weird, strange, crazy or deranged, just make sure you have the "dope" in front. The ingenius genius from the big bad South is lending his talents to Mick Boogie & Terry Urban's The Stragazing Soundtrack later this artist which are mostly songs being executed live on the Atlanta Stargazing Tour as we speak. The <a href="">SMKA</a> powerhouse samples The Doors' <a href="">"People Are Strange"</a> to let the magic come alive.

SMKA Productions

Aleon Craft Feat. Nappy Roots – “A Different World”

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<a href=""> Aleon & SMKA have been putting in heavy work this summer, both in the studio and performing as a part of the <a href="">Atlanta Stargazing Tour</a>.

The Weathermen

Grip Plyaz Feat. Aleon Craft – “Step Out” Video

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<a href=""> A weekend night on the town dressed in casual clothes. Nothing too prim and proper; newly pressed shirt and pristine kicks as key parts to your wardrobe. Haircut game proper from a trip to the barbershop earlier in the day. The vehicle wiped down by hand and the ashtrays emptied. Seats reclined and moving at a steady but slow pace, ready to take in the city lights & night life. Setting things in motion with “Step Out,” <a href="">Grip Plyaz</a> makes a play to dominate your pregame playlist with this soulful ode to living the life.

The Prologue Pt. 2

Aleon Craft – “A Dot”

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<a href=""> Dre warned us on <a href="">"Aquemini."</a> <a href="">Bobby Ray</a> was one of the first sustained sightings.



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Photo by Lee Starnes As a culture, we've come a long way since Kool Herc was spinnin' records in the park.


The 808 Experience: A. Leon Craft, Pill And YelaWolf

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Along with the previous <a href="">footage of the show's recap</a> and <a href="">Grip's performance of "Jockin',"</a> here's a additional footage shot @ last Friday's 808.

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