Rey Mysterio Is Officially Returning To AAA, Where He’ll Team With Two Other Ex-WWE Stars

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Rey Mysterio's been gone for WWE for less than a week, and he's already announced his AAA plans


The Seven Things Rey Mysterio Should Do With His First Month Of Freedom

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Rey Mysterio is free from his WWE contract, so what's his next move? We offer 7 suggestions to get him back on top in the wrestling world.


Rey Mysterio’s Time With WWE Is Officially Over

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The contract hostage-holding of everyone's favourite diminutive WWE masked man is finally over.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 15: Your Kiss Is On My List

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The best and worst of Lucha Underground episode 15, featuring a trios main event and a man declaring war on death. Also, A MACHINE.


The Over/Under On Lucha Underground Episode 7: We Didn’t Cross The Border, The Border Crossed Us

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The over/under on Lucha Underground episode 7 (12/10/14), featuring a LADDER MATCCHHHHHH!


Alberto Del Rio Says He And CM Punk Were In The Same Position In WWE And Made The Same Decision To Leave

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Alberto Del Rio gave his opinion on CM Punk's WWE walkout, and said they were in very similar situations at the ends of their runs.


Alberto Del Rio And WWE Reached A Suspiciously Timed Settlement For That Whole Racist Firing Thing

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After three months, nothing had changed. Now, a few days after saying WWE's racism problem begins with Triple H, ADR and WWE have settled.


Alberto Del Rio Claims WWE’s Issues With Racism Extend All The Way Up To The King Of Kings

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Who's one of the worst racist remark offenders in WWE? Hint -- his name starts and ends with "H".


A Former WWE Champion Is Headed To Lucha Underground Next Year

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A former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion will be stepping into the Lucha Underground ring next year. Dario Cueto, meet The Boss.


The WWE Employee Who Made A Racist Joke And Got Alberto Del Rio Fired Has Left The Company

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Cody Barbierri, the social media manager who made racist jokes and got Alberto Del Rio fired, is no longer with the company.

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The Immersive, Fantastic Pro-Wrestling World Of Illustrator Adam Ratliff

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The fantasy worlds of Adam Ratliff illustrate the personal connection we can call feel towards wrestling and pop culture.


Alberto Del Rio K.O.’d WWE’s Non-Compete Clause And Will Return To The Ring For AAA

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Alberto Del Rio put WWE's non-compete clause in an armbar, proving it "unconstitutional" and clearing the way for his AAA return.


Del Rio And Mysterio Both Hit AAA This Weekend, And Neither Seemed Thrilled With WWE

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Alberto Del Rio talked racism, and Mysterio hinted at future plans at AAA's big Triplemania event this weekend.


Alberto Del Rio Reveals His Next Move. Also, More Info On The Dude He Slapped.

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Alberto Del Rio reveals where he's going next. Also, check out the slappable face that got him fired.


The Original Sin Cara’s New Name Has Managed To Botch Language Itself

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WWE's original Sin Cara is back in action, and his ridiculous new ring name will leave you injured and on the ground.

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