Kurt Sutter Wants Aaron Paul For The Final Season Of 'Sons Of Anarchy'

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Number one on Kurt Sutter's wish list for the final season of 'Sons of Anarchy'? Aaron Paul. Is Paul receptive?


Aaron Paul Tells Conan Why He Regrets Serving Fans Champagne At His House

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Aaron Paul tells Conan about his major regret of getting too chummy with fans at his house.

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Aaron Paul Tells Jimmy Kimmel About The Long Drunken Weekend He Spent With Michael Jackson

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Jesse Pinkman and the King of Pop? Oh, and the Prince of Brunei was there too.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/3/14: #hijackBestandWorst

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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw for March 3, 2014, aka #hijackRaw. If you're from Chicago, you should probably skip this week and read about MMA.


Watch Aaron Paul Destroy The 'Top Gear' Speed Record

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Aaron Paul, appearing on UK's 'Top Gear' to plug 'Need for Speed,' ended up breaking the celebrity speed record for the show.


Aaron Paul Showed What He Does For His Wife With His Tongue On 'Graham Norton'

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Aaron Paul went on "The Graham Norton Show," and showed off his tongue skills.


Can Aaron Paul And Pierce Brosnan Finally Do Nick Hornby Right In ‘A Long Way Down’?

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Will 'A Long Way Down,' starring Pierce Brosnan and Aaron Paul, finally do right by Nick Hornby?


Are Aaron Paul And Liam Neeson Close To Starring In ‘The Dark Tower’?

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Aaron Paul offers an update on 'The Dark Tower' and another source hints at Liam Neeson's involvement.


Here’s A Supercut Of Film & TV Stars Acting In Commercials Before They Were Famous

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Steve Carrell once tried to sell chicken to the masses. Oh the things they did before they were famous.


Watch Larry David, Amy Poehler, Aaron Paul, And More Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On ‘Kimmel’

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For the fifth installment that ran last night we're treated to so, so many UPROXX favorites.

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The ‘Need For Speed’ Movie Now Has A Full Trailer

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Yes, they're still putting 'Need For Speed' out. Yes, it still looks ridiculous. No, Aaron Paul does not say 'bitch' at any point.


NEED FOR SPEED: Aaron Paul wants you to vroom him as hard as you can.

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The latest trailer for Need for Speed, in which Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper play dueling vroom car drivers who growl and throw Hot Wheels at each other.


Watch David Blaine Blow Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul’s Mind With An Outstanding Magic Trick

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An awesome preview of David Blaine's ABC special featuring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

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