Ndamukong Suh Had A Strange Excuse For Stepping On Aaron Rodgers

By | 8 Comments

Ndamukong Suh says his feet were numb and he didn't feel himself stepping on Aaron Rodgers.


Can Ndamukong Suh Win An Appeal Of His One-Game Suspension?

By | 29 Comments

Most people think the NFL stepped over the line with the Ndamukong Suh suspension. Can he win on appeal?


The NFL Has Suspended Lions DT Ndamukong Suh For Sunday’s Game Against The Cowboys

By | 19 Comments

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the NFL doesn't care if they can prove intent.


Did Ndamukong Suh Purposely Step on Aaron Rodgers’ Leg?

By | 27 Comments

Everyone is calling Ndamukong Suh dirty for this play. What do you think?


Aaron Rodgers Did His Best Santa Claus Impressions With A Bunch Of TVs

By | 2 Comments

The quarterback for the Green Bay Packers bought gifts for his offensive linemen. What about the rest of the team, ya jerk?

sex stories

Olivia Munn Tries To Have Sex With Aaron Rodgers ‘As Much As She Can’

By | 25 Comments

Olivia Munn is keeping this Packers team going by having wild, crazy sex with Aaron Rodgers.


Aaron Rodgers’ Doppleganger Made His Way To Green Bay To Fool The Locals

By | 5 Comments

Packer Fans Did A Discount Seeing Double Check When Aaron Rodgers' Lookalike Made His Way To Green Bay.


Aaron Rodgers Says This Audible Is A Tribute To ‘Smokin’ Jay Cutler’

By | 2 Comments

What does this audible mean? Aaron Rodgers explains in an interview with ESPN.


The Fantasy Football Support Group Week 2: So Who Isn’t Injured Now?

By | 7 Comments

A lot of players went down with injuries this week, so let's see how that ended up affecting us in fantasy football.

hans and frans

Watch Dana Carvey And Kevin Nealon’s Hans And Frans In A New State Farm Ad With Aaron Rodgers

By | 5 Comments

Hans And Frans are back with ... Well, the same old bit they used to do, but now with Aaron Rodgers!


The Disney Heroines Guide To Drafting Your Fantasy Football Quarterback

By | 13 Comments

It's about that time to draft our fantasy teams, so let's start the preparations by weighing the pros and cons of the quarterbacks.

zac efron

Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, And Aaron Rodgers Made A State Farm Commercial Or Something

By | 10 Comments

Seth Rogen calls Aaron Rodgers "The State Farm Guy" in this new promo for Neighbors/ESPN.


The Wisconsin Badgers Celebrated Their Sweet 16 Win With Aaron Rodgers


Packers QB Aaron Rodgers helped the Wisconsin Badgers celebrate their Sweet 16 win over the Baylor Bears last night.


The Wisconsin Badgers Reacting To Randall Cobb's Touchdown Makes For A Great Video


Someone was recording the Wisconsin Badgers as Randall Cobb scored the game-winning TD for Green Bay and the resulting video is pretty great.


Your NFL Recap, Week 17: Win-Or-Go-Home Sunday

By | 62 Comments

The last week before the second season is actually the last week for a few NFL teams.


The Week 9 Fantasy Football Support Group: Time To Take A Seat, Ray Rice

By | 18 Comments

Ray Rice has been a very unfortunate headache for fantasy football owners this season, but there's really nothing we can do about it but suffer.

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