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‘The Foodroom’ Is Amy Schumer’s Perfect Fast Food Parody Of ‘The Newsroom’

By | 7 Comments

The manager of a fast food restaurant fights against the pressure to offer healthy options.

aaron sorkin

David Fincher Set To Direct A Remake Of The Seminal Ashton Kutcher Classic ‘Jobs’

By | 33 Comments

Fight Club director David Fincher has signed on to direct a remake of the classic Ashton Kutcher film, 'Jobs.'


Aaron Sorkin Penned A Chilling Obituary For Philip Seymour Hoffman

By | 45 Comments

Philip Seymour Hoffman, according to Aaron Sorkin's obituary in Time, predicted the good that could come from his overdose to heroin.

aaron sorkin

HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ Renewed For A Third And Final Season

By | 8 Comments

HBO has renewed Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom" for a third season, and added Paul Lieberstein as executive producer.

aaron sorkin

FilmDrunk Law Review: 10 Fascinating Reasons to Convict A Few Good Men

By | 31 Comments

Our legal correspondent has taken his withering eye for contracts and malfeasance and applied it to the 1992 Aaron Sorkin anti-hazing classic, A Few Good Men.


The Internet Must Have Boned Aaron Sorkin’s Girlfriend. That’s The Only Explanation At This Point.

By | 98 Comments

Aaron Sorkin's disdain for the web can only be explained by infidelity and betrayal. Nothing else makes sense.

aaron sorkin

‘Newsroom’ Recap: Operation Genoa Just Got Real

By | 33 Comments

A rundown of 'One Too Many,' the Newsroom episode where the Operation Genoa story takes flight.

aaron sorkin

‘Newsroom’ Recap: Sloan Sabbith Will Have Her Way

By | 19 Comments

A recap of 'News Night with Will McAvoy, the latest episode of 'Newsroom.'

aaron sorkin

‘The Newsroom’ Recap: The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Offensive And Ugly

By | 80 Comments

A rundown of 'Unintended Consequences,' the fourth episode of season two of 'The Newsroom.'

aaron sorkin

What Happened To ‘The Newsroom’s’ Maggie Jordan While She Was In Uganda?

By | 36 Comments

A theory, based on news events, of what happened to 'The Newsroom's' Maggie Jordan while she was in Africa.

aaron sorkin

What We Learned From This Week's Romantically Entangled Episode Of 'The Newsroom'

By | 41 Comments

A rundown of 'Willie Pete,' the latest episode of 'The Newsroom,' which was short on news and big on romance.

aaron sorkin

Operation Tailwind: The Fascinating Real Events Behind ‘The Newsroom’s’ Operation Genoa

By | 22 Comments

'Operation Tailwind,' the event behind 'The Newsroom's' Operation Genoa, provides clues as to where this season is heading.

the newsroom

‘Sorkinisms II’ Features Even More Recycled Aaron Sorkin Dialogue

By | 20 Comments

'Sorkinisms II' doesn't pack in quite as many repetitive Aaron Sorkin lines as the original, but it's still a whole lot of fun.

aaron sorkin

‘The Newsroom’ Season 2 Trailer Is Life’s Greatest Mystery

By | 23 Comments

The trailer for season two of HBO's "The Newsroom" is...something.

aaron sorkin

'The Newsroom' Episode About Sandy Hook Is Probably Going To Happen

By | 16 Comments

Check out a partial list of stories Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom" will cover during season two.

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