A Plane Had To Make An Emergency Landing After Its Pilot Got Locked Out Of The Cockpit

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A Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas took a bit of a scary turn after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit and the flight made an emergency landing.

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This 1981 ABC News ’20/20′ Report On The Rise Of Rap Music Is Equal Parts Fascinating And Hilarious

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This actually may be mainstream America's introduction to rap/hip-hop music, and for that alone it belongs in a time capsule.

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ABC News’ Twerk Coverage Is An Absolute Nightmare

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I swear to Odin, if I never hear the word "twerk" again in my entire life, it'll be too soon.


Orlando Magic Cheerleader Falls, Gets Wrapped In Plastic By Nerdy ABC News Troll

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You may have seen a clip floating around of an Orlando Magic cheerleader going up for a stunt and accidentally powerbombing herself to the floor of the Amway Arena.


“Do You Wanna Be In The Business?

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"The ups and downs with the hoes (The Business)/Always gettin' fronted on at shows (The Business)/People gotta stick their nose (In the Business).

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