A TV Reporter Learns If You Ask A Racist Question, You Get A Racist Answer

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Dear Reporter: There's more to Asian Culture than chopsticks.

Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell’s Pictures From The Set Of ‘Agent Carter’ Are Delightful

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We've collected some of our favorite pictures of Hayley Atwell and cast being funny on the set of 'Agent Carter'.

#Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel To Guest Host ‘The Bachelor’ Monday (And Hopefully Do Some Hot Tubbin’)

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Jimmy Kimmel has been asked to help 'The Bachelor' with its ratings slump by showing up Monday and hosting.


An Investigation: Did ‘The Bachelor’ Blur Out A Contestant’s Bikini Area For Being Too Hairy?

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On last night's 'The Bachelor', a contestant's bikini area was censored out for mysterious reasons. What happened?


Stan Lee Will Get His ‘Agent Carter’ Cameo In An Upcoming Episode

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Keeping with tradition, Stan Lee is set for a cameo on the January 27th episode of 'Marvel's Agent Carter.'


Edward James Olmos Is Set To Join Marvel’s ‘Agents Of SHIELD’

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Edward James Olmos has been added to the cast of Marvel's 'Agents of SHIELD', but his character is still shrouded in mystery.

#Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Stopped By Jimmy Kimmel’s Office To Bang Out A Surprise Interview

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There was a bit of confusion about Chris Pratt's booking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but they worked it out.


Did You Catch The ‘Iron Man 2′ Easter Egg In ‘Agent Carter’ Last Night?

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In case you were still wondering if all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is connected, 'Agent Carter' included a reference to 'Iron Man 2' in its premiere.

agent carter

Here Are All The GIFs Of ‘Agent Carter’ Kicking Ass From Last Night

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Here are the action packed GIFs from the 'Agent Carter' premiere.


Everything You Need To Know About ABC’s ‘Agent Carter’

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'Agent Carter' premieres tonight, and we'll be liveblogging it. But in the meantime, here's what you need to know.

agent carter

Watch ‘Agent Carter’ Go Blonde And Kick Ass In This Behind-The-Scenes Video

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'Agent Carter' looks to have two primary components: Sexism, and beatings. Usually interrelated.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Will Reprise His Old ‘Ferris Bueller’ Role On ‘The Goldbergs’

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Charlie Sheen is doing something legitimately really cool for once, so we're giving him credit where credit's due.

agent carter

‘Agent Carter’ Gets A Two-Hour Premiere To Go With Her Nice Hat

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Want a lot of 'Agent Carter?' How about a two-hour premiere?

The Flash

Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Flash’ And ‘Arrow’ Finally Cross Over

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The Flash and Arrow get into a rumble tonight. Hooray superhero fights!

star wars: the force awakens

ABC Reveals A Big ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Easter Egg

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Disney batted rumor cleanup on 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' yesterday, and dropped a few interesting tidbits into the bargain.

agent carter

‘Agent Carter’ Beats Up Pretty Much Everybody In New Trailers

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'Agent Carter' would like to remind you Peggy Carter can beat you up in these new trailers.


‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Were Pissed ABC Cut Away To Ferguson Coverage

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It's true: "Dancing with the Stars" fans are pissed that ABC covered, y'know, something important.

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