‘Obvious Child’ Is The ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Of Abortion Films

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We got our own stand-up comedian Alison Stevenson to review 'Obvious Child,' starring Jenny Slate as a stand-up comedian (who has an abortion!).

josie cunningham

Meet The Woman Who Planned On Aborting Her Baby To Get On ‘Big Brother’

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Josie Cunningham is planning to abort her baby so she can get on "Big Brother."


Meet The Bros Who Are ‘Bro Choice’ Because Legal Abortions Means More Sexxx, Brah

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Prepare to feel very conflicted about "bro choice" after watching this video.


Derpy Louisiana Congressman John Fleming Thinks The Onion Publishes Real News

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As anyone who pays attention can attest, the current crop of elected officials in Congress ranks among the more doltish of all-time, which is saying a lot, as this nation has sent some real retards to Washington over the years.


Siri Will Find You Drugs And Get You Laid, But Won’t Find You An Abortion Clinic

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Anyone with an iPhone 4S can tell you that Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant built into the phone, can do some pretty hysterical and amazing things.


8.16 The Cooler

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