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The Primer: 10 Above The Law Songs Everyone Should Know

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The quintessential tracks from one of Cali's most heralded groups.


Steven Seagal knows the truth behind Iran-Contra, Brandon Lee’s Death

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Steven Seagal went blowhard on blowhard with HDNet's Michael Schiavello recently, and previously, in the Steven Seagal thinks Michael Jai White is not tough, nor a martial artist (ditto Chuck Norris).


Obits: Above The Law’s KMG Dies

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Sad day for gangster rap as one of the originators of the West Coast movement, KMG of Above The Law, passed away yesterday.

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Six Out-Of-Print Hip-Hop Albums That We Needed Yesterday

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It never dawned on me that albums ever went out of print until all my CD's were stolen from my dorm room during my freshmen year of college.


The iPod Shuffle – “Summer Days”

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Less than three days ago, I was literally shaking ice out of my boot.


“Actions Speak Louder Than Words…”

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Thanks to an oblivious garage sale host, the past few days I've been banging a slew of somebody's old CD collection.

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