Celebrate ‘Dogs In Politics Day’ With This Ranking Of Presidential Pooches

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Which president's dog was the best in history? Let's investigate with this special ranking for Dogs in Politics Day.


Mini Museum Will Make You 63% Cooler Than Other Office Nerds


One man's life work collecting specimens of scientific history is now available for you to use as a paperweight.

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A Kentucky 7th Grader Set The All-Time Record For ‘Jeopardy! Kids Week’ Last Night

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A 7th grader named Skyler Hornback set the all-time Kids Week record on Jeopardy! tonight with a $66,600 single-show victory.


And Now, Vlade Divac As Abraham Lincoln


I'm still not 100% on why it exists, but here's a parody of Vlade Divac featuring his stage production about the life of Abraham Lincoln.


The Funniest Highly Illegal Defaced $5 Bills Featuring Birthday Boy Abe Lincoln

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A collection of the funniest images of defaced $5 dollar bills, featuring our 16th president, Abe Lincoln.


Here’s What Charles Barkley Thinks About Abraham Lincoln And Slavery

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Have you ever wondered what Charles Barkley thinks about America's Presidents.

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Hands Up If You Love Star Wars (And Afternoon Links)

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Today's afternoon links, featuring a Star Wars T-shirt, a tasteful joke about Lincoln, and dressing up the cats (they're gonna get married).




Steven Spielberg's much-anticipated Lincoln gets a Scarface parody.


Turns Out People Actually Were Hunting Vampires Back In Lincoln’s Time

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Abraham Lincoln probably wasn't a vampire hunter, but he could've been...


Klingon Style, Abraham Lincoln Ghostbusting, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Star Wars' Gangnam Style, dramatic Spongebob, heartwarming 'The Shining', and 'Back to the Future' with Skrillex.


Lincoln definitely looks like a Spielberg movie

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Last night, Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt introduced the trailer for Lincoln during a "Google+ Hangout," which, from what I could tell, consisted of dorks trying to ask questions while Spielberg complained about the feedback and everyone standing around while the tech guys tried to troubleshoot.


Lincoln (Official Trailer)


The official trailer for Steven Spielberg’s highly-anticipated Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.


Lincoln’s Excellent Adventure


Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is the most hotly anticipated film of 2012.


Lincoln (Teaser Trailer)


The first (albeit brief) look at Steven Spielberg's highly-anticipated Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis.


The Subculture of Civil War Reenactors


In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab goes to the front lines of a Civil War reenactment on 400 acres of land in El Dorado Park, CA.

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It's the poster for Spielberg's Lincoln

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Dreamworks just released a poster for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, and while it doesn't tell us anything new - yup, Daniel-Day Lewis still looks like Abraham Lincoln - people seemed excited about it, so here you go.


Money Woes Got You Down? Let Jose Canseco Walk You Through Bankruptcy

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As I pointed out last week, Jose Canseco, the former baseball player who uses Twitter to beg Major League Baseball teams to consider signing a 48-year old designated hitter, now has a new gig as a columnist for Vice.


Great Moments In Presidential Kiss Cam Fails

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After trailing by as many as 10 points to Team Brazil, the U.

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50 Great Feats In Pop Culture Cosplay At San Diego Comic-Con

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Now that this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con is winding down, we can bring you a huge gallery of masterful and funny pop culture cosplay.

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