Bono Says He May Never Play Guitar Again, Cancels All Public Appearances

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Bono talks about his inability to play guitar post-injury and his bandmates' not really being bothered about that.

#Matthew McConaughey

Meet The Man Who Woke Up From A Coma Speaking French And Thinking He Was Matthew McConaughey

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A 25-year-old barber in England was thrown into a coma after a horrible car accident, only to wake up as Texas' greatest movie star.

drunk drivers

The Rock’s Mother And Cousin Were Hit Head-On By A Drunk Driver This Week

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The Rock revealed via social media this weekend that his mother and cousin had been involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Insane Footage Of A Motorcycle Accident Caught With A GoPro

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This poor guy's motorcycle gets thrown in the air like it's a toy, with him on it. No thank you!


Check Out This Tree Getting A Little Revenge On This Would Be Lumberjack

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This guy warns everyone to stand back for safety, but he never expects the tree to hit him on the ladder.


Check Out This Dog Pull Off The Greatest Fake Out In Canine History

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This video begins as one of the more depressing clips you'll see today, but soon turns the tables and becomes completely awesome.


A Pennsylvania Couple Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Boinking In A Parked Car

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A 40 year old man and woman in Pennsylvania are dead of succumbing to carbon monoxide poisoning after having sex in a parked car in a garage.


Let’s Meet Alex White: Drank Gas, Now He’s Kicking Ass

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Meet Alex White, "The Spartan," a man driven to MMA excellence by … uh, drinking gasoline.


A World Cup Stadium Collapsed In Brazil And Killed At Least 3 People

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A World Cup stadium under construction in Brazil collapsed and has killed at least three people, according to reports. The pictures are terrifying.


The GoPro Grand Prix, Now With 100% More Dudes Getting Run Over

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A pair of Will Power's pit crew members got hit by Scott Dixon's car during the GoPro Grand Prix at Sonoma. Ouch.


And Now, A Girl Breaking Both Of Her Feet Jumping Off A Roof Into A Swimming Pool

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-115024"></a>Meet Nicole Easton.


An Illinois Golfer Fell Into A Sinkhole In The Fairway, And Thank God He Has A Blog

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In case you were wondering, this is how a person starts a story about how their husband was swallowed into the Earth and almost murdered by God during a round of golf.


Nightmare Fuel: Never Go Zorbing

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WARNING: This clip may or may not be of a fatal accident.


Randy Travis Is Doing Great, So Ignore That Flipped Truck By The Walmart


In light of the most recent Randy Travis update, we'll have to rethink our wish to party with him. We may not be ready for this jelly.


Car Pool


A home surveillance camera catches an elderly neighbor driving her car straight into a swimming pool.


Driver Jumps From Moving Van Just Before Crash


Russian airbags cannot be trusted, apparently.


The Luckiest Man on Earth


Russian man hanging out at a gas station in Orenburg narrowly escapes horrific auto accident.


Wimbledon Cameraman Does It For Aunt May


In super important tennis news, Wimbledon camera operator 'Colin' tripped backwards over a canvas barrier trying to get footage of Elena Vesnina signing autographs and ended up trapped under his own apparatus.


Usain Bolt Hates These Flowers


Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has two great talents: <a href="" target="_blank">being the fastest person in the world</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">steamrolling blondes</a>.

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