The 30 Best Action Films On Netflix Streaming

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Guns, fists, karate kicks and more ready to stream in your living room.

Action Movies

Witness Pure Girl Power In This Badass Action Movie Women Montage

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From Ellen Ripley to Beatrix Kiddo, this action movie supercut features the baddest female ass-kickers you've ever seen.

tango and cash

In Honor Of Its 25th Anniversary: The Most Important Lessons We Learned From ‘Tango And Cash’

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Twenty-five years later, Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell still make the perfect buddy cop team in 'Tango & Cash.'


Which Keanu Reeves Character Would You Want On Your Side In A Bar Fight? An Analysis.

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From Johnny Utah to Jack Traven, let's examine which Keanu Reeves character we'd most want to have on our side when bad stuff goes down.


The ‘Let Her Go!’ Supercut Takes On The Action Movie’s Favorite Phrase

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Has your wife been kidnapped by a bad guy? Let this "Let Her Go!" supercut cheer you up.


Tony Hale Shows Off His Manly Side As A Bad*ss Man In ‘Slade Seksdik’


Watch Tony Hale as a ninja-fighting action hero in 'Slade Seksdik: Die Time'.


The 12 Highest Rated Action And Adventure Movies On Netflix Streaming

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If you're looking for explosions and fistfights, look no further than the highest rated action and adventure movies available on Netflix Instant.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘The Last Boy Scout’

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Today's sports-related movie is the 1991 action classic The Last Boy Scout, which featured Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans teaming up for sports gambling.


Supercut: The Final Scenes Of Blockbuster Action Movie Trailers


I know what you’re probably thinking – isn’t it a bit of a reach to put together a supercut that is made up of just the final scenes from trailers, as opposed to the final scenes, phrases or even words of the actual movies.


SUPERCUT: Characters jumping through glass

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That action movies involve gratuitous scenes of people jumping or being thrown through conveniently-placed panes of glass has already been parodied countless times, but leave it to the supercut to compile as many examples as a person could find.


Vince Vaughn Wants To Be An Action Star Now

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A lot of people forget or simply might not know that when Vince Vaughn became a breakout star as the really sh*tty best friend of Jon Favreau in Swingers, he tried to sustain a career as a more serious actor with roles in forgettable dramas like Return to Paradise, the Psycho remake, and The Cell, among others (I’ve always loved Clay Pigeons, but no one has seen it).

#video games

Which Action Star Has Inspired the Worst Video Games? Another (Sort of) Scientific Study

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A couple months back I conducted a (sort of) scientific study to determine which superhero sucks the hardest when it comes to video game adaptations.


The Five Most Useless Action Movie Heroines

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When you think of great Action Movie Heroines, Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley (Aliens) immediately comes to mind.


Dick Moves by Movie Heroes

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In general, movies depend on an audience that wants the hero to succeed.

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