Check Out This Classic Video Of Jason Statham Diving At The 1990 Commonwealth Games

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Before he drove flash sazz wagons and knobbed fit birds, Jason Statham was a diver. Not a very good one, mind you.


These Famous People Became Obsessed With Weird Sports

By | 11 Comments

Most celebrities only participate in boring sports like golf and if they're especially obnoxious, polo.


George Clooney beefs with Russell Crowe, says Leonardo DiCaprio sucks at basketball

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George Clooney discusses his soon-to-be legendary beefs with Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio in the new issue of Esquire.


VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson throws like a girl

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As if it wasn't bad enough that they gave him a girl's name in The Hunger Games ("Peeta" - true story: I thought it was "Peter" for the entire movie), Josh Hutcherson was recently made to throw out the first pitch at a Cincinnati Reds as a cruel joke.

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