Actor-Musician Johnny Depp Says Actor-Musicians Make Him ‘Sick’

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Johnny Depp, an actor who "dabbles" in music, criticizes actors who call themselves musicians.

gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow Believes Emotions Can Affect The Physical Properties Of Things

By | 48 Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow believes positive vibes can affect THE VERY MOLECULES OF WATER!


Jeremy Irons thinks gay marriage will lead to guys marrying their sons to cheat on taxes

By | 58 Comments

With the gay marriage issue coming before the Supreme Court recently and becoming the subject of much debate across the US, it's only natural that we'd start to ask actors what they think.


Johnny Depp explains his Bird Hat

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Whether he's playing a Comanche medicine man or a 200-year-old aristocratic vampire, one thing is for certain, Johnny Depp will be wearing fewer accessories than on an average day.

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