Alan Thicke Is Pretty Certain Bill Cosby Was A ‘Bad Boy’

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The former 'Growing Pains' dad says 'When there’s that much smoke, there must be some fire.'


Jackie Chan sounds like a bit of a fascist again

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Jackie Chan has a bit of a history of working with Chinese <a href="" target="_blank">government-financed film companies</a>, and as we know, the Chinese government has <a href="" target="_blank">some strict rules</a> about what it will allow in its movies (Chan also has a history of <a href="" target="_blank">endorsing some shady products</a>, but that's another story).

Sean Penn

Sean Penn says actors make “monkey-f*ck-rat movies” and kids should cut it out with the texting

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The market that once existed for indie movies that broke people like Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino mostly died with the economy, and these days, the big studios only care about the "potential franchise" movies, which is understandable, but shortsighted (a point <a href="" target="_blank">I've made</a> more here than once) in terms of maintaining film's long-term cultural relevancy.

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