An Aspiring Actor Joined Scientology Four Years Ago And Made A Documentary About The Experience

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Actor Steven Mango's new documentary tells his story of how an acting workshop led to four years as a parishioner in the Church of Scientology.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer was in a breatharian cult and didn’t know it

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According to a new interview, Michelle Pfeiffer got involved with some "breatharians" when she first came to Hollywood, people who believe humans can subsist without food or water.


Bradley Cooper And Gerard Butler Are Wimbledon’s Most Adorable Couple

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Actors Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler took a break from watching today's men's final match at Wimbledon to take a selfie photo of their matching suits.

Child Support

Brendan Fraser is going broke

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When you're a hot young actor like Brendan Fraser, you might think it's going to rain Bedazzled money forever.


The Early Roles of This Year’s Oscar Nominees


Check out your favorite actors back when they were just breaking into show business.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn says actors make “monkey-f*ck-rat movies” and kids should cut it out with the texting

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The market that once existed for indie movies that broke people like Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino mostly died with the economy, and these days, the big studios only care about the "potential franchise" movies, which is understandable, but shortsighted (a point I've made more here than once) in terms of maintaining film's long-term cultural relevancy.


Aaron Rodgers Said Sam Elliott Has The Greatest Mustache Ever, Is Totally Right

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As a grown adult male who has never been able to grow sufficient facial hair, I don’t typically handle news involving mustaches and beards very well, but if that news creates the opportunity to rank celebrity mustaches and/or beards then I can live with it.

#Star Trek

RoboCop Is Playing a Star Trek CEO

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We've got to be honest, here: upon reading that Peter Weller was going to play an evil CEO in the next Star Trek movie, our kneejerk reaction was found at right.

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart says her teachers failed her, is probably right

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In quite possibly the dumbest statement to come out of an actress's mouth since Jessica Alba said "good actors never use a script," Twilight star Kristen Stewart told British GQ that she quit school in the seventh grade because her teachers failed her.


Xan Spencer seems like a real go-getter

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If you haven't yet, make sure you check out XanSpencer.com, probably the finest actor website since Bruce Greenwood (see also: Corbin Bernsen's IMDB bio).


6 Silent Badasses

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Silence is golden.

Sean Penn


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The Sean Penn-directed drama Into the Wild led all other features with four Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations.

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