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UPROXX Interview: ‘Hebrew Hammer’ Director Jonathan Kesselman Explains The Chanukah Movie Void

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Hebrew Hammer director Jonathan Kesselman comments on the lack of Chanukah themed movies.


Let’s Watch These New ‘Fargo’ Trailers From FX And Try To Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On

By | 17 Comments

FX has released ten teaser-trailers. Let's take a look at them all and see if we can figure out what's going on.


I can’t stop laughing at the trailer for the Anna Nicole Lifetime movie

By | 51 Comments

American Psycho is a classic, more because of Christian Bale's performance than the filmmaking style (the tone was definitely a bit off from the novel), but even so, you wouldn't expect that 13 years later, director Mary Harron would be making Lifetime originals.


6 Random TV Casting Stories Ordered By Degrees To Kevin Bacon

By | 16 Comments

Casting news from 'American Horror Story,' 'New Normal,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' and more, and the cast members degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon.



By | 5 Comments

Proving the Internet theorem that "Everything is better when set to 'Sabotage'," ABC compiled a set of clips from its new cop drama/spoof/dark comedy "The Unusuals" and set it to the 1994 Beastie Boys hit.

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