#Sundance 2015

UPROXX Sundance Interview: Adam Scott & Jason Schwartzman On ‘The Overnight’ And Prosthetic Penises

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Adam Scott & Jason Schwartzman star -- and go full-frontal -- in "The Overnight," which just premiered at Sundance. They sat down with us to talk about the film.

#Sundance 2015

Sundance Day 2: James Franco In ‘True Story,’ Adam Scott In ’The Overnight,’ & ‘Stockholm, Pennsylvania’

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James Franco and Jonah Hill's drama, 'True Story,' and Adam Scott and Jason Schwartman's 'The Overnight' premiere at Sundance.

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‘You Had Me At Meat Tornado': 20 Things We’ll Miss About ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Before the seventh and final season begins, let's count off 20 of the things we'll miss the most about "Parks and Recreation."

#UPROXX Trivia

UPROXX Trivia: Do You Know ‘Parks And Recreation’ Well Enough To Be Mayor Of Pawnee?

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Celebrate the final season of NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' by testing your knowledge of Pawnee's lovable residents.

#Parks And Recreation

The ‘Parks And Rec’ Cast Shared The Scenes They Wish They Could Have Filmed

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If the cast of "Parks and Recreation" got to write the show, here's what it would look like.

hot tub time machine 2

The Future’s Looking Bleak In The New Trailer For ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′

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Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson wind up in the future in the new trailer for 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2.'

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Amy Poehler Finally Revealed Her Favorite ‘SNL’ Sketch During Her Reddit AMA

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In her recent Reddit AMA, Amy Poehler talked about her favorite SNL sketches, kissing Adam Scott, and beating Nick Offerman in a fist fight.


The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Cast And Make-A-Wish Foundation Gave A Young Man The Best Day Of His Life

By | 10 Comments

The cast of 'Parks and Recreation' and the Make-A-Wish Foundation gave a young man the best day of his life.


Check Out The Red Band Trailer For ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2′

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Rob Corddry, Clark Duke and Craig Robinson are heading 10 years into the future in the red band trailer for 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2.'


Adam Scott Found A New Way For Pete Holmes To Be Racist


Adam Scott called out Pete Holmes for finding a whole new way to get racist.


You’re All Invited To A Party With Alison Brie And Adam Scott! Kind Of!

By | 6 Comments

A new Smirnoff commercial answers the age-old question: What is it like to party with Alison Brie and Adam Scott?

viral video

Watch Adam Scott Reprise His Role As Derek From 'Step Brothers' To Sell You Obamacare

By | 41 Comments

Adam Scott steps back into Derek's leather jacket to get people registered at Healthcare.gov.


Two Very Famous Faces Showed Up In The Greatest ‘Greatest Event In Television History’ Yet

By | 14 Comments

Not only did we get Adam Scott and Paul Rudd as "Bosom Buddies," but two very famous people showed up during the "Greatest Event in Television History."


Get Ready For ‘The Greatest Event In Television History’ By Taking A Look Back

By | 15 Comments

A look back at the first three installments of what has to be 'The Greatest Event in Television History.'


Here's Adam Scott Demonstrating How-To Google's Top Ten 'How To' Searches Of 2013 In Under A Minute

By | 6 Comments

All your dumb internet "how to" questions answered in under a minute by Parks and Recreation's Mr. Adam Scott.


The ‘Parks And Recreation’ 100th Episode Celebration Was The TV Equivalent Of Friendship Waffles

By | 9 Comments

And not just because the centerpiece was a giant cake expertly crafted to resemble a plate of JJ's Diner's waffles.

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