Celebrate Nicolas Cage’s 51st Birthday With A Ranking Of His Best Movie Hairstyles

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As Nic Cage celebrates his 51st birthday today, we pay tribute to the best hairstyles from his best (and worst) movies.


Why We Should Be Excited About Scarlett Johansson Starring In ‘Ghost In The Shell’

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Scarlett Johansson is set to play the lead in the live-action version of the anime classic, 'Ghost in the Shell.'


After Years Of Jokes On The Internet, Somebody Really Is Trying To Make A Movie Out Of ‘Tetris’

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No, really. 'Tetris.' They're making a movie out of it. Yes it's real. We checked.

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Thirty-One Years Later, Castle Wolfenstein Is Going To Be A Movie

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I never played the original Castle Wolfenstein for the Apple II, because I was two-years old when it was released and I’m a child of the Nintendo boom era.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: We Need To Talk About Shakespeare's 'anus

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If you thought the long holiday weekend would translate into a lazy Tuesday for DVD releases, you were mistaken.

The Hobbit

Stephen Fry And That Guy From Sherlock Join The Hobbit

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It looks like The Hobbit is in danger of replacing the Harry Potter movies as the franchise that every British actor is legally obligated to be in.


Brad Pitt Gets A Wife In The World War Z Film

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It looks like the film adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie apocalypse epic World War Z is picking up steam, as Deadline is reporting that Mireille Enos (AMC's The Killing) is in talks to join the cast as Karin Lane, wife of Brad Pitt's zombie chronicler character Gerald Lane.


Dark Knight Rises Won’t Get No Ra’s Al Ghul


If there's one thing that Ra's al Ghul is known for (apart from having a smoking hot bat-seducing daughter), it's not dying.


Does Zach Galifianakis’s New Role Mean No Ryan Reynolds Deadpool?


Man, Ryan Reynolds sure has a hard on for comic book movies.


The Dark Tower TV Series Will Cover The Boring Stuff

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Ron Howard went on Howard Stern to promote his sure-to-be-mediocre film The Dilemma and gave out a bit more information on the combined movie trilogy and TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.


Live-action Bubblegum Crisis Movie Will Please Both Fans


Hey, remember the 90's Anime series Bubblegum Crisis.


Live-action Akira Movie To Disappoint Two Continents

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Has there been one live-action adaptation of an Anime property that has been halfway decent.

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Jack Black To Do Robot Apocalypse Comedy?


Now that Steven Spielberg's signed up to direct an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's novel Robopocalypse, we're finally seeing some renewed interest in a movie adaptation of his other robot book, How To Survive A Robot Uprising.

Times Square

Mark Millar Spoils Kick Ass 2 Comic And Movie


Movieweb interviewed Mark Millar about the comic and film adaptation (they'll be pretty much the same) of Kick Ass 2: Balls To The Wall, and he was willing to spill some wonderfully massive spoilery info about the project.


Adam McKay Wants Simon Pegg In His “Boys”

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If you haven't read Garth Ennis' comic "The Boys" you're in for a violently sexual treat - it follows a black ops-style team determined to secretly police a planet of degenerate, immoral superheroes.


Space Battleship Yamato Gets Battlestar-like Movie

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A group of humans travel the galaxy in a lone battleship armed with fighters against an armada of enemies trying to kill them.

Sci Fi


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We've commented before about how Hollywood has become Pulp-hero crazy, and it looks like they've finally gotten to the point of adapting characters that no one knows anything about, specifically Captain Future.

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