‘Dante’s Inferno’ Is Being Made Into A Movie

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'Dante's Inferno' is not exactly the classic the poem was, but the game has more boobs, so that's where Hollywood is going.


Ben Wheatley Will Direct The Film Adaptation Of J.G. Ballard's 'High-Rise'

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'High-Rise' is a novel written by J.G. Ballard, being directed by one of the best directors in horror. Surely it will be a happy film where no one dies.


Five Episodes The New ‘Twilight Zone’ Movie Should Adapt

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'The Twilight Zone' is headed back to the big screen... but with which episodes?


Review: ‘Kick-Ass 2′ And The Pitfalls Of The Retread Sequel

By | 10 Comments

'Kick-Ass 2' and how it reminds us that Hollywood often forgets the definition of sequel.

better than the original

‘Kick-Ass’ And Four Other Adaptations Better Than Their Sources

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'Kick-Ass' is a movie better than the comic it's based on... and it's not alone.

a history of violence

‘2 Guns’ And 6 Other Movies You Didn’t Know Were Comics Adaptations

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The upcoming '2 Guns' is based on a comic... and it's far from the only recent Hollywood action flick to be based on one.


Jamie Foxx Wants To Be ‘Spawn’

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Jamie Foxx is apparently out to make a 'Spawn' reboot. And that's actually great news.


‘Gran Turismo: The Movie’ Is On The Way

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Yes, 'Gran Turismo' is becoming a movie. Because Hollywood mindlessly follows trends that's why.


Can ‘R.I.P.D.’ Survive The Dark Horse Curse?

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'R.I.P.D.' has a tough weekend ahead of it... but as it's a movie from a Dark Horse book, that may not be a surprise.


‘The Giver’ Film Adapatation Has Finally Found Its Jonas

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'The Giver' might finally be hitting screens, after a twenty-year development process.


Why A 'Gears Of War' Movie Might Not Work

By | 6 Comments

A 'Gears of War' movie might officially be on the way... and that might actually be bad news.


‘Dark Dungeons’ May Get An Official Film Adaptation

By | 7 Comments

The infamous anti-tabletop Chick tract 'Dark Dungeons' may be headed for big screen glory.


Let’s Rank The 10 Best Films Based On Michael Crichton Novels, Shall We?

By | 39 Comments

With Jurassic Park 3D hitting theaters, let's look back on all the Michael Crichton books that made their way to the big screen.


Thanks To 'Watchmen', We'll Never Have A 'BioShock' Movie

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Apparently a hard-R criticism of Ayn Rand seemed less appealing after 'Watchmen' underperformed.


Scott Derrickson Takes Over 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution'

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'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' has a fellow nerd at the wheel.

joe cornish

"Snow Crash" Supposedly Getting A Film Adaptation

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Back when Neal Stephenson wrote books instead of lengthy dissertations that you had to hack the novel out of with a machete (that is, the early '90s), he wrote a book called "Snow Crash".


"Chronicle" Director Tackles "Shadow of the Colossus"

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"Chronicle" has been, so far, <a href="">arguably the best superhero movie of the year</a> (and, yeah, we're including "The Avengers" in that), and the director, Josh Trank, is tied to a lot of movies, as tends to happen when you make a movie that grosses four or five times its budget.


5 SF Sitcoms Hollywood Should Adapt Before "ALF"

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The rumors of an ALF movie are greatly exaggerated; it's mostly just Alf's creator and puppeteer, Paul Fusco, <a href="">trying to drum up work for his '80s sensation</a>.


"Arrow" Has a Trailer, And It's Way Better

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Last week, we brought up <a href="">the clip "Arrow" inflicted on the Internet</a> and called it out for being, at best, really rough, and at worst, being something like a total hack job.


PhD: A Webcomic Makes The Jump To Film

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I used to be a graduate student, albeit in the arts, and a lot of the webcomic <a href="">Piled Higher and Deeper</a> is painfully on the mark, not surprising since Jorge Cham used to be a grad student himself.

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