Adobe Wants You To Pay $90 A Year To Make PDFs On Your iPad

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Adobe thinks you're willing to pay $90 for something a website can do for free. Again.


Adobe’s ‘Creative Cloud’ Means You Can Now Only Rent Photoshop For $600 Per Year

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Adobe really, really wants you to start looking into free alternatives to its products.


Adobe Finally Killing Flash By Making It Cost Money To Use


I'd feel bad for Adobe, but in college, I spent two weeks installing, patching, and otherwise desperately struggling to make Adobe Premiere work on about a dozen computers, so just the word "Adobe" fills me with a desire to find a torch and a pitchfork.

security errors

Adobe Finally Kills Mobile Flash?


One of the biggest peeing matches in tech lately has been former BFFs Apple and Adobe arguing over how, exactly, video will be shown on the mobile devices of today and the future.


Has Flash Been Killed? By Adobe?

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Since the late '90s, people have loved arguing over one topic on Internet design: whether or not Flash, first a Macromedia product and then consumed with a great NOM by Adobe, is a useful tool for creating animation and dynamic websites, or a bug-riddled, security-compromising monstrosity that should be killed at all costs.


Make me a sandwich, Adobe

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Adobe released a sneak peek of their new Content-Aware Fill in Adobe Photoshop CS5.



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The Apple iPad doesn't support the Adobe flashplayer, so an Adobe employee at TheFlashBlog posted ten examples of popular pages that won't display correctly on the iPad, including a porn site.

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