The Dog Abandoned At A Scottish Train Station Found A New Home


Kai, the Shar-pei dog who was found abandoned at a Scottish train station, found a new home.

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Watch These Three Adopted Brothers Dance Like The Bosses They Are

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With shirts off and pecs out, these three grown men strut their stuff and make their parents proud.


This Dad Realized He’s Been Raising His Adopted, College-Bound Son In The Wrong Culture His Entire Life

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For your consideration, we submit to you this story of a dad who got his son's ethnicity totally wrong.


American Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis Is Bringing Home A Puppy From Sochi, Too


In what is becoming the most delightful trend of the 2014 Winter Olympics, snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis is the latest athlete to adopt a stray Sochi dog.


This Might Be The Best, Most Heartwarming Craigslist Found Dog Ad You’ll Ever Read

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A person in New York posted a Craigslist ad to let a person who abandoned his dog in 2011 know that she's healthier than ever and just an awesome dog.

The Internet

Awful People Are Using The Internet To Unload Unwanted Children

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It's called "re-homing", but it's really using the Internet to get rid of that kid you don't want any more.



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Slumdog Millionaire actor Azharrudin Mohammed famously got slapped around by his father a while back, but that's nothing compared to Rubina Ali's dad, who literally tried to sell his daughter to the highest bidder.

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